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Magic Flight Water Whip - Maple

The Magic Flight Water Whip allows you to connect a Launch Box or Muad’Dib Portable Vaporizer to your favorite water piece for some cooling vapor.
Price: $29.99

Made by Magic Flight
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The Magic Flight Water Whip features a medical grade silicone hose with a 14.4mm ground glass connector fitted into a custom maple holder. This whip allows you to use your Launch Box Vaporizer with your favorite water piece.

For 18.8mm down stems use the Magic Flight Fitter (sold separately) to convert the 14.4mm adaptor to an 18.8mm connecter.

Includes a cloth pouch and non-toxic silicone dielectric compound gel to help prevent the connector getting stuck in the down stem.

1 - 1' Silicone Hose
1 - 14.4mm Ground Glass/Maple Connector
1 - Silicone dielectric compound
1 - Clothe Case

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