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Haze V3 Parts and Accessories

Haze V3 Dry CanisterHaze V3 Dry Canister comes in a pack of two stainless steel custom made canisters to use with the Haze V3 vaporizer. The canisters are easier to pre-load than the Haze V3 screens and fit nicely in the Haze keychain.

Haze V3 Concentrate Canister is for vaping wax, oil, and even e-juice if using the included organic cotton liquid pad. The Haze vape concentrate canisters feature a high temp silicone lid and stainless steel can. Remove the liquid pad to vape wax or thick concentrates.

Haze V3 Conduction Screens come in a 5 pack and have open sides allowing the metal heating element to conduct heat directly on to the herbs for vaping. Made of high quality stainless steel mesh, when using these screens vapor production tends to be more apparent.

Haze V3 Convection Screens are made from stainless steel mesh and are easy to load. The convection screens create less apparent vapor clouds as the heat is not directly touching the herbs. For vaping dry herbs only.