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Vaporbrothers Glass Hydrator - High Performance

The Vaporbrothers High Performace Hydrator was designed for the ultimate vapor and water diffusion when used with their VB1 or VB2 vaporizers.
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Made by Vaporbrothers
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Vaporbrothers High Performance Clear Glass Hydrator™

The Vapor Brothers High Performance Clear Glass Hydrator™ allows you to filter and cool the vapor from your Vaporbrothers Vaporizer by drawing it through water. Convert your existing Vapor Brothers whip® to a Vaporbrothers High Performance Clear Glass Hydrator™ with the included 14mm Ground Glass Angled Adapter. Customers with sensitive throats and lungs will find this addition to their vaporizer invaluable.

Standing approx. 8.75" tall (from bottom to top of the mouthpiece) the Vapor Brothers Clear Precision Hydrator™ has the Vaporbrothers® logo etched into the borosilicate glass. Both the 14mm Ground Glass Angled Adapter (male) and 14mm Ground Glass Downstem (female) are both removable. The over 4" wide base makes this hydrator more stable than previous models.

The 14mm Ground Glass Downstem has a unique shower head tip with seven slits for the ultimate diffusion. This diffusion tip was designed by Vaporbrothers to work exclusively for vaporizing.

The Vaporbrothers High Performance Clear Glass Hydrator™ is more like a constant hydrator with not much to clear. It is the smoothest tastiest coolest experience possible with vaporizing. Especially recommended it for vaping solid material.

Requires a Vaporbrothers® Vaporizer and Vapor Brothers Whip® sold separately.

1 - Precision Hydrator
1 - 14mm Angled Adapter
1 - Showerhead Downstem

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Overall Customer Rating of 4.66 out of 5 in 3 Reviews


Super smooth airflow, easy to clean and great taste. Totally worth it. Scientific quality glass. Excellent for food/beer/wine Pairings with herbs.


Well worth having.

I bought mine about 4 1/2 months ago and I don't regret spending the money even with the extra exchange rate.I use it constantly with some lemon juice and a little water.It is a solid unit and stands upright with no tipping ever,very stable.I would recommend buying a second stem with your purchase of the bubbler just in case you watch the original one roll off the counter top on the second day of having it,just saying.It is a quality made hydrator and well made with thick but not too thick glass.I have made many of them over the years but this time I decided to buy one and I'm glad I did.Well made,works well and I'm a happy camper.A great choice if you are looking to purchase one.
Two thumbs up!

Houston, Texas

Vaporbrothers High Performance Hydrator


I have been using this hydrator for four months and I am pleased with it's performance. I love the clean cooling effect of the vaporizer. Once you develop the technique this is a lovely attachment. I like the large base on this model as it is easy to set down and the stability of the base is nice. I broke mine, my fault, and when I called VB's took great care of me. It only took two days to get then new one in hand. Cleans easily with alcohol.