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Vaporbrothers EZ Change Whip - Glass - Hands-On Method (Formerly Standard) - With Black Grip and Clear Tube

The glass Standard version of the Vaporbrothers EZ Change Whips was designed to be held to the heat element while inhaling.
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• Makes changing screens a breeze
• Option to use ceramic or stainless steel screens
• Uses .625" screens

• Clear Hose Option with Carbon Black Grip

This is VB's old "Standard" Style Whip. Standard means the Whip is hand held onto the heater during the vapor draw. The Whip does not stay on the vaporizer without your hand holding it there. The glass stays cool for when you want to see or stir your herbs between hits.

If you prefer the Whip staying stuck to the vaporizer, search for our Hands Free = Whip attaches to heat element with a hands free ground glass connection.

Glass Vaporbrothers Standard EZ Change Whip®

This is the Standard version of the Glass Vaporbrothers® EZ Change Whip, it is not designed to attach to the heat element. The removable Standard Whip Tip makes changing screens a breeze. The EZ Change Whip allows you to use either a .625" stainless steel screen or a .625" ceramic screen or both.

The Standard Whip operates by holding the Whip to the Heat Element. Because of the Whip's bell shaped tip, you can redirect the air flow by simply tilting your hand. Although this whip is not Hands Free, it can still be used with a Vapor Brothers Hands Free Vaporizer but it will not attach to the heat element.

For best performance use only Vaporbrothers .625" replacement screens.

Please note: This whip will NOT attach to the Hands Free vaporizer for one handed operation. If your current whip has a red " HOT" emblem on it and attaches to the heating element, your vaporizer is a Hands Free model.

1 - Standard Clear Glass Whip Tip

1 - Whip Grip (color may vary)

2 - .625” Stainless Steel Screens

1 - .625” Ceramic Screens

1 - 3’ Clear Medical Grade Hose

1 - Clear Glass Mouthpiece

Overall Customer Rating of 4.72 out of 5 in 1 Reviews
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Pros: The good is, it's so easy to change the screens. It's great. SOOO much faster.

Cons: I'm not sure why, but my screens seem to get clogged SOOO much faster than they did with the old whip. Both the metal screens and the ceramic screens seem to be clogging up faster than they did with my standard whip. Luckily I have 5 ceramics and can rotate though them all before I have to clean them, but it's kind of a hassle.