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Crafty Wear and Tear Set - Discontinued - Get Sidekick Portable Instead (link below) crafty vaporizer, volcano, portable vaporizer, storz & bickel
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Price: $33.99
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Made By Storz Bickel

    Get our awesome Sidekick Portable Vaporizer instead. (link below) Storz & Bickel always represented high quality German craftsmanship but is no longer a reliable source for us.

    Crafty Vaporizer Parts and Accessories

    Even the strongest of the portable vaporizers need some sprucing up every now and then. Storz and Bickel has all the Crafty parts and accessories you need to stay in vapor business.

    Crafty Wear and Tear Set comes with all you need to keep the Crafty vaporizer running smoothly. The kit includes: 3 mouthpiece replacements, 1 Crafty cooling unit, 1 liquid pad set, 1 screen set, 1 cleaning brush, 2 filling chamber tools.

    Crafty replacement parts

    Pro tips: Be sure to clean your o-rings with ISO alcohol every once in a while. Using the cleaning brush included in the kit after every session load really helps to cut down on screen maintenance costs.