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Vapor Brothers Vaporizer

Why Vaporize?

Combustion is the most primitive way known to man to inhale a substance. When one smokes, the substance is heated to very high temperatures, sometimes well exceeding 1200° Fahrenheit. This temperature (which is much hotter than necessary for inhaling the flavor and essence of a plant) burns the material and causes it to be converted into smoke. This smoke can then be inhaled by the smoker to obtain some of the benefits of the substance. However, burning can actually destroy some of the active ingredients. This is why almost everyone who vaporizes instead of smoking says their herbs last longer through vaporization.

Although not without some benefits, smoking has substantially dangerous and hazardous side effects including the production of many carcinogenic byproducts such as smoke and tar. Simply put, smoking is the equivalent of driving a nail into a small piece of wood with a sledgehammer. There is a better solution for getting the pure flavor and essence of a substance.

Imagine inhaling the flavor and essence of any plant without the smoke. Now you can.

Inhale essence not smoke with the Vaporbrothers Vaporizer