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Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping with VaporWarehouse®

Q: Does VaporWarehouse® offer discreet shipping?

A: Yes. We know many times our customers are ordering gifts for a loved one. So as not to ruin the surprise, there is no mention or markings on the outside package to give any indication as to what is in the box. In addition "VaporWarehouse®" does not appear on the shipping label, instead our company's parent name is listed. Please see our Shipping Policies page for more info on shipping.

Q: I've used my vaporizer and decided it's not for me, can I return or exchange it?

A: No. Due to the nature of our products, once an item has been used it cannot be returned or exchanged. If there is a problem with the item after it has been used please contact the manufacturer for warranty service if available. Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for more information about returns.

Q: Why must I “select a Whip” for the Vaporbrothers Standard and Cosmetic Discount Vaporizers?

A: The stock whip for both the Cosmetic Discount and Standard Vaporbrothers Vaporizers is their classic glass whip. We know that some customers would prefer to have an EZ Change Whip instead of the stock glass whip so we offer this option.

Questions About Vaporbrothers Vaporizer Products

Q: My Vaporbrothers Vaporizer no longer heats up, how can I get it repaired?

A: Please download the Vaporbrothers Service Request Form. All of the instructions can be found on that form including cost of the repair and where to send the vaporizer. Please do not send the vaporizer back to VaporWarehouse®, this will result in a delay in repairing your vaporizer.

Q: My new whip does not fit the heat element?

A: If you own a Vaporbrothers Vaporizer, chances are you have a Hands Free model but ordered a Standard Whip. Only Hands Free Whips will attach to a Hands Free heat element. You can use the Standard Whip with the Hands Free element, but you will have to hold the whip to the element while inhaling. If you ordered a Hands Free Whip but it does not fit your heat element, either we screwed up and sent you a Standard Whip (usually not the case) or most likely you have a Vaporbrothers knockoff that has a larger heat element. Vaporbrothers Hands Free Whips only work with Vaporbrothers Vaporizers.

Q: What is the difference between Hands Free and Standard Vaporizers and Whips?

A: Please see our very informative page Hands Free vs Standard for this answer. In a nutshell, the whip does not attach to the heat element on a Standard Vaporizer. With a Hands Free Vaporizer, a Hands Free Whip will attach to the heat element but a Standard Whip will not.

Q: What is a "Whip"?

A: The vaporizer Whip consists of three sections: the Handpiece, the Hose, and the Mouthpiece. The Handpiece is the is the end of the whip that houses the screen and is loaded with herb. For Standard Vaporbrothers Whips, the Handpiece is the section of the Whip that is held to the heat element while inhaling. Due to the shape of the tip, the Standard Whip is not designed to connect to the heat element. For Hands Free Vaporbrothers Whips, the Handpiece is the section that connects to the heat element. The ground glass tip of the Hands Free Whip allows for connection to a Hands Free heat element. The Mouthpiece is the small glass end that you inhale through. The Hose connects both the Mouthpiece and the Handpiece.

Q: What is the difference between the Vaporbrothers Hands Free and their Cosmetic Discount Vaporizers?

A: The Vaporbrothers Cosmetic Discount (formerly known as Cosmetic Imperfections) are brand new hands free vaporizers that have a slight blemish that may have occurred during the production process. Rather than discard these fully functional boxes, Vaporbrothers decided to offer them at a deep discount to customers that want to own a genuine Vaporbrothers but are looking to save some money. To help reduce the cost, Vaporbrothers removed the aromabulb, pick tool, aromatherapy blend and essential oil samples. They also substituted the EZ Change Whip for the classic Glass Whip (don’t worry we offer an upgrade option for the whip). The Cosmetic Discount Vaporbrothers Vaporizers are backed by the exact same warranty as their other whip style vaporizers.

Q: What's the difference between an EZ Change Whip and a Glass Whip?

A: Prior to 2011, all Vaporbrothers vaporizers shipped with "glass whips". One of the biggest complaints about Vaporbrothers was the difficulty in changing the screens. Vaporbrothers addressed that complaint with the EZ Change Whip. Unlike the "glass whips", the design of the EZ Change Whip allows for easy changing of the screens, thus the name.

Q: How do you recommend cleaning the Vaporizer Whip?

A: Isopropyl alcohol (the higher the %, the better), salt, and a plastic, ziplock sandwich bag. Remove the glass handpiece from the hose and place in the plastic bag. If the Whip is not an EZ Change Whip, save yourself the headache and leave the screen in the handpiece. Pour enough isopropyl alcohol into the bag to fully cover the whip and add a spoonful of salt. Depending on how much buildup is on the glass, you will either shake the bag for a few minutes or let the glass soak in the bag overnight (and possibly even longer if you let the whip get really dirty). Remove glass from bag and rinse with water to remove any remaining alcohol. Use this method to clean all glass and ceramic whips parts, as well as stainless steel and ceramic screens. We do not recommend this method for cleaning the hoses or silicone whip grips. For those parts, boil some water, turn off heat once water boils and soak the hose or grip. Over time, the oils from the herb will discolor any silicone parts. We know there are other methods but this is our preferred method.

Q: I broke the tip of my Vaporbrothers EZ Change Whip, can I buy the tip only?

A: Yes. All of the individual whip parts can be found in the Whip Parts Accessories section.

Q: Can I leave my Vaporbrothers Vaporizer on for extended periods of time.?

A: Yes. If you plan on using the vaporizer throughout the day, and will be around the vaporizer for that time, by all means leave the vaporizer turned on.

Q: How much power does the Vaporbrothers Vaporizer use?

A: According to Vaporbrothers, their vaporizers draw 40 watts.

Q: What is the difference between the Hands Free Natural and Dark Coffee?

A: They are the same vaporizer. Vaporbrothers use a special, low VOC finish on the Natural box to make it Dark Coffee. The price of the Dark Coffee is higher because there are more steps in the production process.

Q: What is the difference between the 110v and 220v vaporizer models?

A: The 110v model is designed for countries, like the U.S. and Canada, that use a 110v power system. the 220v model is designed for countries, like the U.K. and Australia, that use either 220v or 240v.

Q: Why are the Hands Free Whips higher in price than the Standard Whips?

A: Both the Hands Free Heat Elements and Hands Free Whips have a ground glass tip that allow for an air tight connection. The ground glass section look frosted or etched. It is a very special and costly process to make the ground glass. Most U.S. glass blowers import these parts from either Germany or China. However, Vaporbrothers have located a U.S. made source for their ground glass.

Q: What is this thing that looks like a glass or ceramic pipe?

A: That is the Aromabulb that allows you to use your Vaporbrothers Vaporizer as an essential oil diffuser.