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VapeXhale Hydratube HoneyComb for Maximum Diffusion
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Made By VapeXhale

The VapeXhale Hydratube is an all glass water and filtration system created for use with their Cloud EVO vaporizer. The HydraHoneyComb was designed for maximum diffusion.

VapeXhale Hydratubes

Glass Hyratubes were designed to provide the best way to filter and cool vapor when using the VapeXhale Cloud EVO vaporizer. Each Hydratube is a functional piece of art that was hand blown for glass artists.

Which VapeXhale EVO Hydratube is right for you?

Maximum Flow: The VapeXhale HydraBomb features an intricate gridded barrel percolator that reduces restriction.
Maximum Diffusion: The VapeXhale HydraHoneyComb expertly diffuses water with a honeycomb gridded barrel percolator.
Maximum Flavor: The VapeXhale Turbine features a spinning gridded barrel percolator for the tastiest vapor possible.