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85 Watt Step Down Transformer 220V

This 85 watt step down transformer allows you to use your 110v Vaporbrothers vaporizer in countries using 220v-240v.
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Made by Vaporbrothers
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Voltage Valet V85 85 Watt Step Down Transformer

• 85 Watt Foreign Electricity Convertor - transformer type

• Designed for continuous use

• Accepts grounded North American plugs, but does not continue ground to foreign outlet.

• Built-in Continental European plug pins fit recessed outlets.

• One year limited warranty

• Complete instructions enclosed

Voltage Valet V85 85 Watt Step Down Transformer

Converts Foreign Electricity to North American Standard

Electronic devices built for use in North America are designed to operate on 110-120 volts. Foreign electrical sources are commonly 220-240 volts. To use your North American electronic devices overseas a Voltage Valet Foreign Electricity Convertor is necessary to change the voltage to 110-120 volts.

For continuous use with 110-120 volt electronic, motorized and heating devices rated up to a MAXIMUM of 85 watts.

DO NOT use the convertor with any device that requires more than 85 watts.

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Traveling around the world

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If you spend much time in 220v countries, why not order a vaporizer that runs on 220v directly.

Pros: Don't forget to bring your vaporizer with you to Europe or India. This step down transformer will come in handy.

Cons: Transformers and a bit heavy. You might be able to find the same product a little cheaper at Radio Shack.