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Stainless Steel Screens - .625" For Mini Whip and EZ Change Whip - 10 Pack

These .625" stainless steel screens were designed for use in the Vaporbrothers EZ Change and Mini Whips. Inhalation-safe stainless steel, baked at 1000F to remove any shiny coating. Each pack includes 10 screens.
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Made by Vaporbrothers
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4.74 stars, based on 3 reviews 3 review(s). | Write a review

Fits Vaporbrothers Mini and EZ Change Whips

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Vaporbrothers Stainless Steel Replacement Screens - .625"

These are Vaporbrothers OEM replacement screens for your EZ Change and Mini vaporizer whips. Each pack includes 10 Vaporbrothers replacement screens. Vaporbrothers heat treats each stainless steel screen to burn off the chrome. This darkens the screens but ensures for safest, highest quality replacement whip screen on the market.

What size screen do I need?

.625" Screens: For use with the Vaporbrothers Mini-Thin Whip and all Vaporbrothers EZ Change Whips.

.75" Screens: For use with all the classic style (in other words non-EZ Change) Vaporbrothers Hands Free and Standard Whips.

.812" Screens: For use with most non-Vaporbrothers vaporizer whips, please check your current screen size as some aftermarket whips use a 1" screen. Will not work with any Vaporbrothers Whip including the Vaporbrothers Aftermarket EZ Change Whip.

Replacement Tips for any non-EZ Change Vaporbrothers Whip

Replacement Tip: Requires a bamboo and metal pick tool. Fold the screen like a taco and insert into tip. Remove the plastic tubing and come at the screen from both sides of the glass handpiece. This will allow you to set the screen in the easiest manner possible.

Cleaning Tip: Try cleaning your screen and whip without removing the screen (for non-EZ Change Whips). Put rubbing alcohol in a zip lock bag, followed by a fair amount of table salt. Add just the glass part of the whip and shake the bag for a few minutes. Remove from the bag and rinse with warm water and your whip should be as good as new. If the whip is super dirty, let it soak overnight and periodically shake the bag. It once took us 3 days of soaking an extra grungy whip but it came out looking brand new.

10 - .625” Stainless Steel Screens

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Overall Customer Rating of 4.74 out of 5 in 3 Reviews
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Stainless steel screens for EZ whip

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The screens fit perfectly in the EZ whip and they last quite a while. I've always worried about the safety and quality of the metal screens available in local shops. It comforts me to pay a few extra bucks if it means I don't breathe in toxic metals ;-)


Great Screens!

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Work very well with my hands free whip. Have to discard after a couple of changes. Notice they can shed and I get nervous about inhaling stainless pieces. I would use twice, then replace with a new screen.

Don't mess with a plumbing store

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Pros: Get your screens here and be absolutely sure you have the right thing. Extremely cheap for a ten pack.

Cons: None