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Ceramic Disc for Extracts, 11.7mm


Ceramic disc allows your VB1.5 to deliver you the tastiest, fullest concentrate hits possible from a convection vaporizer. Fits inside your Whip and provides a clean stone surface for concentrates to melt and evaporate. A true game changer!
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Made by 7th Floor / Elev8
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The best way to enjoy concentrates in a vaporizer!

This lava rock disc fits Vaporbrothers Glass EZ Change Whips.  Place this ceramic disc into your Glass Whip Tip to enjoy concentrates. Use the dedicated Concentrate Tip for best results. This piece is consumable, so get extras if you like it. Lasts about 4 weeks of moderate use.

How to install into a VB Whip

Push the disc firmly into the Whip Tip from the screen side. File it down if it doesn't fit into the glass. Use a screen (either metal .625" or ceramic) under the disc to catch oil that migrates around the side of the disc.

How to use

Set your VB1.5 vaporizer to its highest setting and load your Whip by dropping your extracts onto the top of the disc. Take long slow draws until you see thick visible vapor. You will heat up the oils on the first few hits, extracting the most vapor as you go. The hot air from the vaporizer will not burn or blacken the oils, even when the vaporizer is turned to maximum temperature. You can take as many hits as you want until the disc dries out.


Fits Glass EZ Whip Tips only. Does not stay put in Ceramic Tips or in the All-Glass Whip (the type with a metal screen captured in a glass groove). Discs do not fit the Mini Whip. 


Clean your Whip regularly by soaking the parts in 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, or leave it assembled and take hits on the vaporizer's high setting to dry out the disc.