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This vaporizer is no longer available nor supported. Storz & Bickel was sold and has become an unreliable source. We love this alternative Sidekick Portable Vaporizer. Sidekick has always given a fuller hit from its ceramic bowl and allows stirring. It's not as sleek as a Storz & Bickel product but is less annoying to operate and is a solidly USA made vaporizer emphasizing hit quality.

Mighty Vaporizer Parts and Accessories

Even the mightiest of the portable vaporizers need some TLC once in a while. VaporWarehouse has all the Storz & Bickel parts and accessories needed to keep the Mighty vaporizer running at optimal performance.

Mighty Cooling Unit is the top lid piece for the Mighty vaporizer. It includes a mouthpiece and screen housed within the cooling unit.

Mighty Screen Set includes 6 screens or different grade: standard, fine, and course. Screens can become lost or bent so extras are nice to have around. A good soak in ISO alcohol is recommended to keep the Mighty vaporizer hitting like it should.

Mighty Liquid Pad Set includes 4 wire pads that hold extract materials. They can also be used as a filler if loading a smaller, partial bowl. When the bowl is not filled completely the liquid pad is able to provide optimal heating distribution.

Mighty Wear and Tear Set comes with all you need to keep the Mighty vaporizer running smoothly. The kit includes: 3 mouthpiece replacements, 1 Crafty cooling unit, 1 liquid pad set, 1 screen set, 1 cleaning brush, 2 filling chamber tools.

Mighty Car Charger will keep your Mighty running on the go and in the car! With backup power you can truly take it anywhere.

Volcano Vaporizer Acrylic Grinder is the herb grinder that is included with Storz & Bickel vaporizers. It features a stash spot under the lid and acrylic teeth for grinding.

Pro tips: Be sure to clean your o-rings with ISO alcohol every once in a while. Using the cleaning brush included in the kit after every session load really helps to cut down on screen maintenance costs.