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Magic Flight

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Glass Adapter - 14mm Female to 19mm (18.8mm) Male water pipe adapter, water adapter, magic flight vaporizer water adaptor, ground glass adaptor, 18mm to 14mm, convert 18mm to 14mm, 18 to 14 conversion, fitter, MFLB fitter
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Made By Magic Flight

    Use this Magic Flight Fitter to convert your favorite 18mm down stem into a 14mm size to be used with the MFLB, Muad’dib or your favorite whip style vaporizer.

    Magic Flight Battery Charger magic flight vaporizer, magic flight batteries, magic flight battery charger,
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    Made By Magic Flight

      Need a replacement battery charger for your Magic Flight Vaporizer batteries? Well then you’re in the right place!

      Muad-Dib Portable Vape Load Spoon by Magic Flight
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      Made By Magic Flight

        This gold colored spoon is the perfect match for loading the Magic Flight Muad-Dib vaporizer or vape pens.

        Magic Flight Parts and Accessories

        We carry all the Magic Flight parts and accessories you need to keep your Magic Flight Launch Box or Muad’dib vaporizer running smoothly. So what all do you need?

        The Magic Flight Power Adapter is a great vaporizer accessory to have in order to give continual power to your vaporizer. This power adapter replaces the rechargeable batteries included in the MFLB or Muad’dib kit. It is recommended to grab a power adapter if you plan to use your Magic Flight vaporizer with a water piece as it provides more power consistently. Also, if you plan on using the Magic Flight concentrate tray with the MFLB the power adapter will provide enough power to give you the experience you want.

        Magic Flight Finishing Grinder is a great accessory to add to your MFLB experience. It provides a very fine grind not as easily obtained with traditional grinders. The Magic Flight Launch Box works best when the herbs are finely ground. This allows the trench screen and heating element to efficiently vaporize your herbs.

        Magic Flight Orbiter is a water filtration device that is compact enough for space consideration while also providing a stylish yet functional accessory. Very little water is needed to filter vapor, as the vapor itself if quite free from impurities. The main benefit to water filtration with vaporizing is it cools the vapor as well as makes the hit even smoother. This water piece includes a couple whips for sipping and connecting to your Launch Box or Muad’dib vaporizer.

        Gold Magic Flight Rechargeable Batteries come in a set of two. These are the batteries that match the finish of the Muad’dib and Monocled MFLB vaporizers. Each Magic Flight battery is a NiHM AA with a 2250 mAh and will typically last about 2-3 trench-fulls. Be sure to use the included battery caps as contact with certain metals will engage the battery and could be a burn/fire hazard.

        Magic Flight Batteries are rechargeable using the included battery charger in the vaporizer kit. It’s nice to have many on hand to ensure enough power is available to continually vaporize on the go. Two batteries are included in the pack. Each battery is NiHM AA with 2250 mAh. You will typically get 2-3 sessions out of a single charge. Charging can take about 6-8 hours from empty.

        The Magic Flight UFO stands for Unnamed Filtration Object and converts almost any water vessel into a water piece. Hand crafted from bamboo in the USA this flying saucer shaped device fits on top of most water glasses and includes a down stem and silicone hose. The portability of this device is notable as you can easily carry in a bag for on the go water filtration.

        Magic Flight Dart Stems are a unique wooden stem that replaces the glass stem included in the Launch Box kit. The flat tipped mouthpiece adds comfort and an aesthetically pleasing element to the Launch Box experience. Three wood choices include Maple, Cherry and Walnut to match your vaporizer box. The natural wood is also resistant to bacteria and fungi due to it’s porous nature.

        Magic Flight Stems are available in different materials. One glass stem is included with the MFLB vaporizer kit. Acrylic MFLB stems are also available for those looking for a more durable material. Wood stems are also a nice addition to the Launch Box as it looks like a natural extension from the Maple, Cherry or Walnut vaporizer box. Extra stems are nice to have on hand in case they are misplaced or broken. You can also “go native” with the Magic Flight Launch box and hit the vaporizer directly from the box itself. But we recommend the stem experience!

        Magic Flight Concentrate Trays convert the herbal-only MFLB vaporizer into a concentrate friendly device. We recommend using the Magic Flight Power Adapter when enjoying the concentrate tray in order to deliver the power needed to get the best hit. Do not use concentrates without the MFLB Concentrate Tray.

        Muad’dib Vaporizer Replacement Screens come in a pack of three stainless steel screens. Changing out the Muad’dib screens is actually kind of fun. They clamp on to the metal heating element bars and easily pull off to remove. You do need to take care, however, because the mesh style of metal screens can bend out of place if pulled or prodded too harshly.

        Magic Flight Nano Grinder is a perfectly sized grinder to dump ground herbs directly into the Launch Box trench. This grinder is very small and easily fits in the MFLB storage tin along with all the other accessories and parts included in the vaporizer kit. We suggest using the Nano Grinder in conjunction with the Finishing Grinder to get that perfect fine grind the trench oh so loves.

        Muad’dib Loading Spoon is made of brass and brings a fancy touch to the Muad’dib portable vaporizer experience. It has a nice weight and length to it which sets it apart from some load tools that can be small in the hand. It measures about 4.5” in length.

        Magic Flight Black Draw Whip is the same whip that comes with the Muad’dib portable vaporizer. It is a black medical grade silicone hose about 1.5’ long and is finished at the ends with two brass ends. One end fits snuggly into the Muad’dib vaporizer and the other end is held to your mouth as a mouthpiece. Since the Muad’dib heats up to about 900 degrees in 3 seconds, it’s nice to have the foot and a half distance between you and the vaporizer.

        Magic Flight Whips come in varying length. One foot, two foot, three foot lengths are available. Each are made with medical grade silicone hose and an acrylic finisher at each end. One end fits nicely into the wooden vapor box and and other end is used as a mouthpiece. The hoses are nice if you don’t want to bring the box vaporizer up close to your face to enjoy. It also makes sharing with friends a little easier to pass around.

        Magic Flight ABV Container is a nice little case to pour out your “Already Been Vaped” material from your Launch Box vaporizer. Made of acrylic and small enough to stash in your Magic Flight tin included with the vaporizer kit. It’s fun to keep the ABV as you can reuse if for cooking later!

        Magic Flight Launch Box Brush is included in the vaporizer kit and is crucial for keeping the trench screen clean. We recommend using the brush after every session. A clean screen makes a happy vaporizer and a happy vaporizer makes a happy vaper. The handle is made of wood and the strong bristles are designed just right for getting in the crack and crevasses of the MFLB vaporizer trench.

        The Magic Flight 14mm to 18mm Fitter allows you to use Magic Flight vaporizers with an 18mm down stemmed water piece. This fitter converts the down stem into a 14mm female joint allowing the user to use the Magic Flight 14mm Glass Adapter. The 14mm Glass Adapter creates a space to rest the Launch Box, without stem, and use it to vaporize using a water piece.

        A Magic Flight Water Whip is a 14mm ground glass connector similar to the 14mm Glass Adapter. However, this is a Whip style hose connected to the adapter which allows more comfortable placement of the vaporizer while using it with a water piece.

        Magic Flight Battery Charger is the preferred battery charger to use with your rechargeable Magic Flight batteries. Other chargers exist however, the people at Magic Flight have discovered the one that works best for their vaporizer batteries.

        Magic Flight Battery Caps are essential to a safe vaporizer experience. These cover the rechargeable Magic Flight batteries to insure they do not activate when they come into contact with metal. If the plus side of the batteries contact metal they will start to heat up and can be a fire hazard. Use your rubber battery caps!