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Angus Portable Vaporizer

This thing rips! The halogen bulb powered portable is the biggest hit we've experienced in a portable vaporizer. Packed with plenty of battery life, this vaporizer uses two full size batteries (18650) and can be charged with a USB-C cable from any phone charger or the batteries can be fast charged on a battery charger (sold separately)
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Yllvape Angus portable vaporizer
Price: $229.99
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Made By YLL Vape

We're happy to add the Angus Enhanced to our list of trusted vaporizers. The Angus Enhanced provides tasty low temperature hits, while expertly utilizing it's halogen bulb+ruby ball heating system to create dense vapors at higher temperatures. The 5 setting temperature control provides versatility and consistency of hit. The Angus Enhanced kit features the Angus Enhanced along with useful accessories (listed below) that make your experience enjoyable. The Sidecar Bubbler attachment is a great...