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Vaporbrothers EZ Change Whip Ceramic Tip - Hands Free - 16mm

OEM replacement Hands Free Ceramic Tip for the Vaporbrothers EZ Change Whips. Made from hardy ceramic, making it more durable than it’s glass counterpart.
Price: $23.99

Made by Vaporbrothers
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OEM Vaporbrothers Hands Free EZ Change Whip Tip - White Ceramic

All natural mineral (ceramic) replacement Hands Free tip for the Vaporbrothers EZ Change Whips only. This white ceramic whip tip is more durable than it's glass counterpart. If you are constantly breaking your whip tip, then this is for you. The Hands Free Whip Tip will only work with the Vapor Brothers Easy Change Whips and will not work with any other Vaporizer Whips.

Requires an EZ Change Whip Grip and EZ Change Whip Handle (sold separately).


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Overall Customer Rating of 4.72 out of 5 in 3 Reviews

Great product, but rather expensive


I love my Vapor Brothers vaporizer... but the replacement parts, such as the ceramic/glass whip tip are VERY fragile and quite expensive! I've broken 6 in over a year now; that's $150.00 :(

I still have one left (which I am taking care like a newborn baby since I can't get these shipped to Mexico), so I'll need to order about 3 more for the future to the U.S. and pick them up.


This ceramic handle looks so beautiful with the EZ silicone grip and white hose. I am so pleased with it aesthetically compared to the original whip setup with the clear hose. My only negative is that this particular ceramic piece, perhaps because it is consistently exposed to such hot and cold temperature fluctuations, it seems more fragile compared to the glass version of this product. This is completely anecdotal, but my ceramic part cracked after a few weeks while the glass piece is still going strong.


Quality Vapor Brothers product

Ease of Use:
Nice EZ Change Whip Ceramic Tip for my Hands Free. Solid construction. Classy looking. $17.99 + postage is a bit of a b*tch, but what other options are there? As of Summer 2013 I am unaware of any other manufacturer selling 16mm replacement whip tips. Vapor Bros makes great products but don't expect to pick up cheap replacement parts on ebay or amazon.