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Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp ECO Grinder Medium 2 Piece eco grinder, hemp grinder, mini shredder, mini grinder, small grinder, santa cruz, santa cruz shredder, shredder, grinder, sc shredder, grinders, 4 pc grinder, 4 peice grinder, medium grinder, medium shredder, pollen catcher, santa cruz grinder
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Made By Santa Cruz Shredder

    Santa Cruz Shredders are top quality herb grinders. This ECO grinder is made from Hemp and fully biodegradable.

    Vaporbrothers Grinder
    Retail: $30.00
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    Made By Vaporbrothers

      The best way to prepare your herbs for vaporizing. Block teeth don't cut you or compress the herbs. Medium size 2 1/2 inch diameter. Annodized finish eliminates exposure to metal dust.

      The key to getting the best performance out of your vaporizer is to have the proper grind. VaporWarehouse has a grinder to fit every need from low cost acrylic to top shelf medical grade Phoenician, we have your shredding needs covered. Featured grinder brands include Santa Cruz Shredder, Cosmic Case, Phoenician Engineering, Vaporbrothers, and Magic Flight.