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Why Vaporbrothers?

It was the Vaporbrothers® box unit that inspired this website back in 2001. We have seen many vaporizers come and go since then, however the original is still the best, the Vaporbrothers®. VaporWarehouse is honored to have been chosen as the online retailer for Vaporbrothers®.

Since 1999 Vaporbrothers® has lead the industry through:


Consistent with our high standards, quality control is their #1 priority

All units are carefully inspected and tested in their California factory

Independent 3rd party lab verified to produce no toxic vapors

All materials are thoroughly researched and selected

- 100% Natural Mineral Ceramic Heating Element

- Fine American aromatic cedar & laminated birch

- All medical grade components designed to run at high temp

- No fumigated wood, home paints, lacquers, glues, or cheap plastic hoses


Simple design that works great everytime
Easy-to-use temperature knob
Full range of heat control without the need for gadgets or gimmicks


Perfecting the art of vaporization through innovation and active research

Though you may not notice every change, the vaporizer is constantly improving

Vaporbrothers supports your well being by expanding into Aromatherapy
The AromaBulb allows you to enjoy the relaxing effects of essential oils
Specially designed herbal blends offer flavor and mood enhancement
- Revitalize, Invigorate, Calming, Balancing

Style and Consistency

Not only a vaporizer, but functional art as well!
There's no need to ever put your piece of art away!
What you see is what you get, every time.

Vaporbrothers - The Name

Vaporbrothers invented the box style vaporizer and has established a reputation of leading vaporization technology. Vaporbrothers will continue to bring you the most up to date and safest way to vaporize on the market.

Remember, if it doesn't have their brand it's not a Vaporbrothers!