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Silver Surfer SSV Oil Kits (EOK)

Conversion kit that allows the Silver Surfer SSV Vaporizer to be used with wax and concentrates.
Price: $99.99

Made by 7th Floor / Elev8
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  • Wax Converter for SSV Vapes
  • Hand Blown in US with Borosilicate Glass
  • Listing for Oil Kit only

Convert your Silver Surfer vaporizer into a wax vape with the Flavor Oil Kit from 7th Floor. 

Upgrade your Silver Surfer Vaporizer to the new Essential Oil Kit made for people that like to dab concentrates. This upgrade turns you SSV into the ultimate E-Nail. Now simply go from vaporizing dry herbs to dabbing concentrates effortlessly Only the Silver Super Vaporizer can vape, dab and diffuse in one unit when upgraded with this kit.

NOTE: *Use this oil kit the same way as a regular glass kit to avoid combustion! Turn your SSV on high until it is fully warmed up, but be sure to turn the knob back down to the 1 o'clock position before use! Failure to do this could result in a flame.

SSV EOK Instruction Video

SSV EOK Includes

  • Quartz Dab Dish
  • Silver Surfer Heater Adapter
  • Glass Carb Cap*
  • Marble Pick/Dab tool with flat tip*
  • 3 feet of clear hose
  • Tidy Tips™
  • Dab Mat

*Colors and styles may vary from those shown in photos.