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Vaporbrothers Glass Hydrator - Mini Bubbler

The Vaporbrothers Mini Hydrator is made in the U.S.A. from clear borosilicate glass & designed to provide cooling vapor mist when used with a vaporizer
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Made by Vaporbrothers
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4.74 stars, based on 7 reviews 7 review(s). | Write a review

Vaporbrothers - Mini Clear Precision Hydrator™

New and improved version of the Vaporbrothers Mini Hydrator now features a non-removable showerhead down stem with 7 diffusion holes. 

The Vaporbrothers Mini Clear Hydrator is a compact version of the Vaporbrothers Clear Precision Hydrator.  An angled 14mm adaptor (included) replaces the mouthpiece on an vaporizer whip (not included) and goes into the downstream of the hydrator. Unlike the Clear Precision Hydrator, the mouthpiece is not removable on the Mini Clear Hydrator.

Blown from pyrex-type borosilicate glass, this hydrator features a laser etched Vaporbrothers logo and is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Requires a Vaporizer and Vaporizer Whip for operation. Vaporbrothers Vaporizer and Vaporbrothers Whip sold separately.

Vaporbrothers Clear Precision vs. Mini Hydrator

Vaporbrothers Mini Hydrator
Vaporbrothers Clear Precison
Bottom Circumference
7 7/8"
8 1/2"
Upper Circumference
6 3/8"
6 3/8"
Body Height
3 6/8"
4 1/8"
Height with H2O Adaptor
4 7/8"
6 5/8"
Height with Mouthpiece
8 5/8"
Diffusion Slits
Downstem Adaptor Size
14mm Angled
19mm Angled
Removeable Downstem
6.1 oz.
6.6 oz.
1 - Mini Hydrator
1 - 14mm Angled Adapter

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Overall Customer Rating of 4.74 out of 5 in 7 Reviews
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North Hollywood,CA

Ideal and Necessary

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After having a standard Vapor Brothers with standard whip, I realized I needed a water attachment when I got my Pink Hands-Free Vapor Brothers. I was so happy to see they carry an option for less than $100. This glass is beautiful, functional and soothing on the throat. Great buy!

Got Allergies?

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So, say you are on the fence about purchasing? Well, I gave in when I realize my allergies could not take anymore. Even the vapor as pure as it is was still irritating my allergies, so I figured another filtration system would be the cure and yeah it kind of was.. The water hydrator really makes a difference when it comes to my allergies… you can see the little bits of dust that get trapped in the water, so it was a very good purchase for me!

Glass Hydrator Upgrade

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First thing, the website pic doesn't do the product justice. I was concerned that the etched logo would look overly prominent and cheesy or gaudy, but the hydrator is in fact beautiful and high quality. I have seen similar no-name products online for less money, but here's the thing -- you're already using a vaporizer for your health, why risk adding a glass hydrator that might be forged using dangerous processes -- so my advice is that if you feel like you need this product for your lung's health, don't risk buying potentially toxic lead glass. Shell out the few extra bucks and buy this hydrator instead, if only for the peace of mind.

All Over the moon.

Get ready for the best vapor.

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It took me a while to go about writing this review. Now for the review, I wish I would have known about this piece when I intially bought my vapor brothers vaporizer. It's $99.99 of ouch! But this glass piece is priceless when see and reap the benefits. The standard vaporizer was getting to the point that it was uncomfortable for me to use, It might be because I have a sensitive throat or other factors, I was also concerned about the plant matter making its way through the screen and hose and directly into my lungs. I thought I was going to have to do the unthinkable and give it up all together. Until I stumbled upon this piece, it gave my vaping session a fresh breath of new life. Not only does this piece look Cool, but just like it looks it cools the smoke, giving you a better taste of your herb and helping you inhale more vape into your lungs for an extra Uuummphhh! Of effects. The squigly mouthpiece is ergonomic in design, inthat it fits snuggly between two fingers and the rest of the glass rests on your knuckels, giving it a real natural feel. It feels like you are holding a cigar in between your fingers...and I dont even smoke!! A got to get piece!!! You can thank me later.

The West Coast

Solid Piece, Excellent Value

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  • smoother hits
  • elegant design
  • bigger%20draws
  • Cleaning%20Inside
This is a great glass accessory for anyone looking to get the most out of their VB unit. I have both the hands free model and the Dabbler and have used both of them on the mini hydrator. Using a 14mm H2O attachment, this bad boy works like a charm - vapor sufficiently goes through the piece and gives you cleaner, bigger hits. Moreover, there is no excessive bubbling due to the diffusion slits and the crafty design of the glass. Initially, I intended to get this for my tabletop VB but when I realized I could use this for dabbing, it became clear the this glass hydrator was worth investing in. There really is a noticeable difference when vaping without a filtration and cooling system. Overall this is a great item. Thanks to the VB/Vaporwarehouse team for bringing me this creation!