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Vaporbrothers Skillet Cartridge - Single Coil Quartz

Single Coil Quartz Skillet Heater for Vaporbrother VB11 Vape Pen
  • Single Coil Quartz Skillet Heater for Vaporbrother VB11 Vape Pen
  • Vaporbrothers Skillet Cartridge - Single Coil Quartz - 9301-03-10-011
  • 2016 Vaporbothers VB11 Skillet Cartridges
This Vaporbrothers skillet cartridge features a single coil, quartz heater. Compatible with most EGO/EVOD vape pen batteries. Includes mouthpiece and cone.
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Made by Vaporbrothers
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• Hole in the Cone for improved airflow
• Single Coil, Quartz Rod
• Deep Chamber
• Titanium Alloy Coils
• Fits EGO/EVOD batteries
• 510 Threads

This skillet cartridge by Vaporbrothers for EGO/EVOD style vape pens feature a single coil quartz heater, a deep quartz load chamber and hole in the cone.

The titanium alloy coil is wrapped around a single quartz rod. The slick quartz surface allows the oil to flow around the bowl more easily, although you have to put more effort into keeping the heating element swamped in oil. Push the button on the battery for short periods until you get used to the quartz sharper hits.

This quartz load chamber is deeper than the stock chamber that comes with the Vaporbrothers VB11 vape pen. The deeper chamber allows for more wax to be loaded. Use care not to overload the chamber, especially when using a 3.7v battery.

The cone features the signature Vaporbrothers hole for improved airflow and tempering the hits.

Please note that due to the deeper chamber the threads on both the skillet and cone differ from the shallow chamber skillet and cone included with the VB11 kits. Because of this the skillets and cones are not compatible.

Skillet heaters for any style vapor pen are consumable items and will need to be replaced frequently. Use extra care when loading or cleaning the skillet. For best flavor and performance, we recommend replacing the skillet once a month.

1 - Skillet Heater
1 - Cone
1 - Metal Mouthpiece

Please test heater before loading for the first time. Once a heater is loaded, it will not be replaced for any reason.