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Bamboo Whip Pick Tool

These bamboo pick tools are essential for changing the screens in the classic style Vaporbrothers vaporizer whips, and also act as a handy stir tool for even vaporization of herbs.
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Bamboo Vaporizer Whip Stir Tool

Similar to the bamboo stir tool that ships with the Vaporbrothers vaporizer. When used in conjunction with the Vaporbrothers stainless steel pick tool, this bamboo pick tool is crucial for replacing the screens on any Vaporbrothers Vapor Whip that is not an EZ Change Whip.

Highly recommended for use as a stir tool with the Vaporbrothers EZ Change Ceramic Screens.

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Overall Customer Rating of 4.66 out of 5 in 2 Reviews

You can't use cooking skewers

This is essential for changing screens. I tried using a bamboo cooking skewer but that was way too thick so I ended up getting one of these. Great for stirring.




great for cleaning hard to reach areas