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Vaporbrothers VB1.0 Vaporizer

  • Vaporbrothers VB1.0 Vaporizer - VB1-HF-EZGlassHF-Black
  • Dark Coffee & Natural Hands Free Vaporbrothers Vaporizers
  • Vaporbrothers VB1.0 Vaporizer - VB1-HF-EZGlassHF-Black
  • Vaporbrothers VB1.0 Vaporizer - VB1-HF-EZGlassHF-Black
  • Vaporbrothers VB1.0 Vaporizer - VB1-HF-EZGlassHF-Black
  • Vaporbrothers VB1.0 Vaporizer - VB1-HF-EZGlassHF-Black
  • Vaporbrothers VB1.0 Vaporizer - VB1-HF-EZGlassHF-Black
  • Vaporbrothers VB1.0 Vaporizer - VB1-HF-EZGlassHF-Black
  • Vaporbrothers VB1.0 Vaporizer - VB1-HF-EZGlassHF-Black
  • Vaporbrothers Vaporizer Whip Screens - .625" Ceramic
  • Vaporbrothers Natural Mineral Screen
  • 420 Science Pop Top Glass Jar - Weatherman - 8222

The best inhale we've ever had from a vaporizer. Quiet and efficient non toxic parts. Woody Harrelson once said he tried every vaporizers and this one was "still the best." Vaporbrothers' vaporizers started modern vaporizing when they invented this device in 1999. Made in the U.S.A from only high quality materials, this is THE vaporizer for the conscious consumer.
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4.74 stars, based on 348 reviews 348 review(s). | Write a review

• The original box vaporizer since 1999
• 100% pure natural mineral heat element
• All Glass EZ Change Whip for easy screen replacement
• Legendary quality & safety
• Tested free of lead, mercury, Cr6+
• Meets RoHS standards
• Proudly made in the U.S.A.
• For aromatherapy blends only

$5 extra store credit (Additional 100 pts, redeemable in future orders, no expiration)

We support VapeXhale EVO Owners with a new VB unit for a reduced price. Send your VapeXhale serial number and/or a picture to our phone or email to our contact page and we'll give you a special link.

No discounts allowed for VB1.0

Hands Free = Whip attaches to the heat element.

VaporWarehouse's recommended pick & best selling vaporizer!

Costs have gone up dramatically in the last decade, but this vaporizer is still priced less than vaporizers that don't work as well. Introduced in 2006, this particular version of the Vaporbrothers Hands Free Vaporizer features a ceramic heating element and LED lighting. 

The Vaporbrothers is quiet and easy to learn. At one point this type of vaporizer was the most popular desktop vaporizer in the world next to Volcano. Times have changed but Vaporbrothers still builds to the same quality standard despite costs going up many times. 

The Hands Free Whip® attaches to the heating element with a tapered ground glass connection. Place the Hands Free Whip® on the Vaporizer's heating element and it will stay in place allowing you to use only one hand while getting the perfect draw. You may use the more basic "OG Standard" Whip style (sold separately) if you don't mind holding the Whip onto the Vaporizer during the hit and appreciate that the glass does not get as hot.

A Versatile Vaporizer

The versatility of the Hands Free Vapor Brothers Vaporizer plus the attention and detail to your safety that Vaporbrothers® is committed to is one of the many reasons this is VaporWarehouse's recommended vaporizer.

This model will work with all Vaporbrothers Hands Free Whips®, Regular/Standard Whips®, Mini-Thin Whips®, and the Vapor Brothers EZ Change Whip® Kit. Please note that while you can use a Regular/Standard Whip® with the Vaporbrothers® Hands Free Vaporizer this Whip® still will not connect to the heat element.

No-VOC Baked on Color Series also available!

Color Vaporizers feature a textured powder-coat finish that involves no chemical solvents in the making of the Vaporizer. All Vaporbrothers Vaporizers are considered Low-VOC and as non toxic as possible.

Vaporbrothers® 100% Pure Ceramic Heater

Vaporbrothers introduced their ceramic vaporizer heat element in 2007. Vaporbrothers® took their time spending 2 years of research to create an element that is factory tested and 3rd party lab verified for toxic-free operation. 

Don't be fooled by knock offs like Vapor Daddy, Digi Vapor, VaporStore, Vaporwarez, VP-anything, or Vaportower. Some of the other units on the market that utilize "ceramic" heating elements still use glues and metal in the process of putting the element together. These units still call themselves ceramic yet have a number of other materials in the element that can be released during vaporizing. Don't inhale things you don't want, go with the only pure ceramic heating element on the market, the Vaporbrothers Vaporizer.

About the Box Material and Finishes

Vaporbrothers uses laminated birch wood and finishes from European sources to ensure they conform to higher standards for chemical exposure. All Whip tubing and silicone parts are made with inhalation safety in mind. Since many components of this unit become hot during use, the safety of the materials is essential.

Dark Coffee finish appears black in the shade, but has a reddish hue under light. All vaporizers use the same Baltic Birch low VOC. laminate inside.

Color Boxes use an eco friendly textured powdercoat. Color finish is thick and hard but can come off in small areas where the wood box shrinks beneath.

Colored whips and other accessories available.

  • All Natural Mineral Heating Element!
  • 100% Pure Ceramic Element
  • You pick your vapor draw size - Get only the vapor you want without wasting your material.
  • Hands Free All Glass EZ Change Whip® attaches to the heating element.
  • Hot and ready in minutes.
  • Classy Design - Looks great on any desk or end table
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty - Free Repair first 2 years for registered users.

Great optional upgrades 2 free add-ons in this kit!

Upgrade to All-Silicone Internal Mount with Water and Debris Guard

Make your vaporizer splash resistant and impervious to herb buildup inside. Available in Clear (glows brightly) or Black.

Lengthen the Cord up to 14 Feet

Extending the cord makes the vaporizer so easy to place in a room. A long cord gives you the ability to put the vaporizer in a central location.

Change Blue LEDs to All-White

New cool all-white LED option goes well with all colors and environments.

Connect a bubbler

Filter your vapor through water with our Hydrator glass bubblers. Hydrators include the glass adapter necessary to connect the bubbler to your Whip.

Custom options like the new all-silicone internal mount and longer cord take 1 day extra to build.

VaporWarehouse is an authorized online retailer for Vaporbrothers products. Beware of "vapor store" or other knockoffs selling fake Vaporbrothers.

The statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. This is for information purposes only, as we are not advising or prescribing botanics for any specific medical condition. Consult your medical professional before starting any aromatherapy regimen.

How it works

Click here for the Vaporbrothers Vaporizer Instruction Manual.

Hands Free Vaporizer
Easy Leave-on operation. Both the tip of the Heat Element and Hands Free Whip® feature a ground glass taper fitting to allow the Hands Free Whip® to stay connected to the vaporizer.

Briefly, the Vaporbrothers® Vaporizer allows a person to inhale essential ingredients from plant material without the use of fire. The Vapor Brothers® Vaporizer uses hot air to warm the plant matter until active ingredients are absorbed by the air. Instead of using fire to burn the ingredients out of the plant matter, our product releases the ingredients quickly and efficiently without the ingredient losses, tar, and odor.

The VaporBrothers® vaporizer warms up once and is ready for the rest of the day. The glass hand piece (whip®) is packed lightly, not more than 1/3 full. As soon as the hand piece (whip) is connected with the heating element of the Vaporbrothers® Vaporizer, the user inhales instant vapor through the tube. Vapor goes in clear and is exhaled as a big cloud of white mist. The mist vanishes in air, not lingering. Your lungs are saved inhaling the plant ash and tar. The standard size hand piece offers about 4 big inhales before the botanical material dries and becomes brown. Stir it up and try again or unload the hand piece using the supplied tool. The user blows through the tube to expel the spent material into a container.

Getting the right hit is a science. VaporBrothers® Vaporizer owners learn their machine in about 1 week (usually less). Get used to packing very small amounts, fluffed up slightly.

We recommend the following procedure:

  1. Turn the unit to half power (the line pointing straight up or half way from the on click to the end) for 4 to 5 minutes.
  2. Grind up your material while the unit is heating. We recommend any of the Cosmic grinders we sell or you can chop up the material with a knife.
  3. Place your material into the Vaporizer Whip®, not filling too much (1/3 full is the maximum you want to put in there) and lightly set them into place using the supplied tool.

    NOTE: You do not need to use much material. We recommend placing enough in the whip to cover the screen with about 1/8 of an inch of material. Don't sweat it, you will figure it out quickly.
  4. Finally, place the Vaporizer Whip® up to the heating element and inhale air (draw) a full breath. If when you exhale you see a white mist, you are in the zone you want to be. If there is no mist, inhale more quickly. You can control the amount of vapor created by varying the intensity and duration of air you inhale. Practice makes perfect.

You may need to vary the temperature of the unit slightly from the mid point, but this is a very good starting point if not the only place you will ever need to set it.

*For US, Canada, and other countries using 110v please order the 110v model. For countries using 220-240v please order the 220v model. Vaporizer draws 40 watts.

1 - Vaporbrothers Hands Free Vaporizer - 110v
1 - Whip® of your choice
1 - Organic Aromatherapy Blend Sample
1 - Bamboo Pick Stir Tool

LED lights are blue/green in all models

See Vaporbrothers Warranty Details here.

If you need repair, order it here.

Overall Customer Rating of 4.74 out of 5 in 348 Reviews
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Las Vegas

Life Changer

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I had to stop smoking for the most part. This system was a life changer. I was able to vape and it did not bother my Asthma. There is minimal smell so it can be discreet. I am able to travel with this compact vaporizer.
The Hands Free hip works very well. It drawls a smooth vape and is very ven with flower.
Like I said a life saver. I have bought two. The old Technology back in 2002 and upgrades to the new Technology years ago.

Love my desktop vaporizer

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I've had the hands free model for a few years now. Love everything about it except for the pain in the ass that is changing screens.

Great Product

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
The build quality is excellent feels very sturdy comes with a long enough whip you can cut it to what ever size you feel comfortable with. Also all ceramic pieces feel very strong like it would take a good drop on a hardwood or laminate floor to break them have dropped them numerous times on a carpeted floor with not breakage. Glass bowl feel like its made from thick enough glass to withstand some good use from it. Lifetime warranty is always a plus. I personally enjoy smoking more vs vaping but that is not at fault of the product so my review reflects the quality of the product.

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
<p>Sturdy, reliable, excellent purchase! The fact that you now have the option to purchase a box that comes with either the Ez change whip or the standard whip is great!</p>


Great product and great service! :D

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I have owned this product since July 2014 (2 years now) and I am really happy with it. I haven't had any issues at all.. Plus, the aroma bulb is really nice to be used with the essential oils.
Also, the Vapor Warehouse staff have been really kind and quick in replying back to any questions and sending the items asap! That is much appreciated very much indeed :)