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Vaporbrothers EZ Change Whip Glass Tip - Hands Free - 16mm

OEM replacement Hands Free Glass Tip for the Vaporbrothers EZ Change Whips. Made from borosilicate glass and features a ground glass tip for a snug fit.
Price: $19.99

Made by Vaporbrothers
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OEM Vaporbrothers Hands Free Whip Tip - Glass

Ground glass replacement Hands Free tip for the Vaporbrothers EZ Change Whip Kit only. The Hands Free Whip Tip will only work with the Vapor Brothers Easy Change Whips and will not work with any other Vaporizer Whips.

Will not work without the EZ Change Whip Grip and EZ Change Whip Handle.

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Overall Customer Rating of 4.72 out of 5 in 1 Reviews
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EZ Glass Whip Tip -- rivals the Ceramic Tip imo

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Yes, the ceramic tip looks better than this glass one with the new matching ceramic handle and silicone grip and white hose. But the ceramic tip is more fragile than this glass tip -- perhaps it is due to the temperature fluctuations, perhaps it is my own anecdotal experience -- but I've had better luck with this tip than the ceramic option in terms of durability.