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Screens - Stainless Steel .75" - 10 Pack

Have a Classic Glass Vaporbrothers Whip? These are the screens you need. Made of stainless steel and pre-kilned to remove any possibility of debris burn off, these screens will fit any Vaporbrothers whip that is NOT EZ-Change or Mini.
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Made by Vaporbrothers
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Fits Vaporbrothers Classic Glass (except Mini) and Fancy Whips.

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Vaporbrothers Stainless Steel Replacement Screens - .75"

These are Vaporbrothers OEM replacement screens for your non-EZ Change classic style vaporizer whip. Each pack includes 10 Vaporbrothers replacement screens. Vaporbrothers heat treats each stainless steel screen to burn off the chrome. This darkens the screens but ensures for safest, highest quality replacement whip screen on the market.

What size screen do I need?

.625" Screens: For use with the Vaporbrothers Mini-Thin Whip and all Vaporbrothers EZ Change Whips.

.75" Screens: For use with all the classic style (in other words non-EZ Change) Vaporbrothers Hands Free and Standard Whips.

.812" Screens: For use with most non-Vaporbrothers vaporizer whips, please check your current screen size as some aftermarket whips use a 1" screen. Will not work with any Vaporbrothers Whip including the Vaporbrothers Aftermarket EZ Change Whip.

Replacement Tips for any non-EZ Change Vaporbrothers Whip

Replacement Tip: Requires a bamboo and metal pick tool. Fold the screen like a taco and insert into tip. Remove the plastic tubing and come at the screen from both sides of the glass handpiece. This will allow you to set the screen in the easiest manner possible.

Cleaning Tip: Try cleaning your screen and whip without removing the screen. Put rubbing alcohol in a zip lock bag, followed by a fair amount of table salt. Add just the glass part of the whip and shake the bag for a few minutes. Remove from the bag and rinse with warm water and your whip should be as good as new. If the whip is super dirty, let it soak overnight and periodically shake the bag. It once took us 3 days of soaking an extra grungy whip but it came out looking brand new.

10 - .75" Stainless Steel Screens

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Overall Customer Rating of 4.66 out of 5 in 3 Reviews

Your normal stainless steel screen. Does it's job.

the right size

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these are the most durable screens for the vape and for the price, these last after prolonged use!


just whatchoo need

Ease of Use:
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The original screen in my handpiece - non-hands free fyi that was about two years old - was torn down the middle from the edge about halfway, probably from me taking it out and cleaning the resin out of it. I used a lighter to heat/melt/burn places I couldn't clear out any other way, that was about when the hole started to enlarge, so I'm guessing that's a bad idea.

I should'a just bought a pack of these screens before then, several come in one bag and they last a long time with proper care, like not lighting it on fire ;) pain in the ass to put in properly, but so are windshield wipers, and you'll change screens about as often :)