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Storz & Bickel - Crafty+ (Version 2)

New updated version! From the makers of the Volcano come their smallest portable vaporizer, the CRAFTY+ and it lives up to the volcano name. Our own VaporRae said it could be the best portable she’s tried yet.
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Made by Storz Bickel
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Approx 6 weeks
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  • Volcano quality portable vaporizer
  • App-controlled device features
  • High-performance heating cartridge & temperature fuse
  • Specially constructed aluminum heat exchanger
  • Precise electronic control
  • Automatic switch off
  • Two year warranty
  • For use with flower & concentrates

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The Crafty is the first ever portable vaporizer from Storz & Bickel, the company that brought you the Volcano vaporizer. Designed for use with dry leaf or concentrates when using the liquid pad.

The CRAFTY’s compact construction with a single Lithium-Ion Battery Power is complemented by a One-Button-Control:
You turn on the CRAFTY with only one keypress. It then heats up automatically until it reaches the default set Basic Temperature of 356°F.
With a double-click on the button, you activate the Booster Temperature of 383°F. When the set vaporization temperature is reached, it is signaled through a short double-vibration and the LED-indicator lamp: The LED changes the color from red to green.

CRAFTY Vaporizer Features:

  • Battery powered
  • Portable
  • Vibration alarm
  • Weight: 0,3 lbs g
  • Free App for individual adjustments

The CRAFTY is the smallest STORZ & BICKEL Vaporizer with a size of 4,30 x 2,2 x 1,3 inches and a weight of 0,3 lbs.

The free CRAFTY Remote Control App offers you the opportunity to set Basic and Booster Temperature and other settings of your device according to your personal preferences.

Please check compatibility of your Android smartphone here before purchase!

Technical Data

Power adapter: power consumption: 10 W
Supply voltage: 100-240 V/50-60 Hz
Output voltage: 5 V DC

CRAFTY Vaporizer: supply voltage: 5 V DC
The voltage details are located on the respective type labels of the CRAFTY Vaporizer and power adapter.

Power required by CRAFTY Vaporizer: 10 W max.

Operating temperature: 5°C - 40°C/41°F - 104°F

Vaporization temperature:
adjustable between approx. 40°C - 210°C/104°F - 410°F

Weight: approx. 135 g

1 - CRAFTY Vaporizer

1 - Power Adapter with USB Cable

1 - Filling Aid

1 - Liquid Pad

3 - Spare Screens

1 - Cleaning Brush

1 - Set of Spare Seal Rings

1 - Storz & Bickel Grinder

1 - User Manual

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Two year warranty is handled directly through Storz & Bickel.

For warranty info and support please contact Stroz & Bickel at

Storz & Bickel America Inc.
1078 60th St. Suite A
Oakland, CA 94608
Phone: 510-451-1553
Fax: 510-451-2053
e-mail: america@storz-bickel.com