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Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer - Discontinued - Get Sidekick Portable Instead (link below)

This was the most stylish and compact portable we know. PAX has discontinued their PAX 2 and PAX 3 lines. Get a Sidekick Portable instead (link below)
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Made by PAX
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  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • 8-10 Sessions per Charge
  • 4 Temperature Settings
  • Best-in-Class Heat -Up
  • Vibration Notifications
  • Best for Loose Leaf
  • Bluetooth Enabled with PAX app (not required to use the app)
  • +/- 1° Temperature Settings
  • Dynamic Heat Modes
  • Device Lock

This vaporizer is no longer available nor supported. PAX has become an unreliable source. We love this alternative Sidekick Portable Vaporizer. Sidekick has always given a fuller hit from its ceramic bowl and allows stirring. It's not as sleek as a PAX product but is easy to operate and is a solidly USA made vaporizer emphasizing hit quality.

PAX 3 - The most stealthy and stylish vaporizer we know

Simple on the outside but highly evolved on the inside. Pax is a hassle free portable that can go with you anywhere. It's physical size is as small as it gets. (4" tall) Users often inform us that they carried a Pax in their pocket into establishments and events without issue (not guaranteed of course) As long as you keep it clean the Pax will serve you for up to 10 years.

We don't repair Pax so please seek warranty service through Pax directly - See our Repair page for more info.

Getting started:

  1. Charge battery completely before first use 
  2. Simply click the top once to turn on or off. The Pax will heat whenever it is on.
  3. Pax's oven is located at the bottom and is opened easily with the magnetic lid. Pack well ground up herbs densely in the oven.
  4. Inhale gradually through the mouthpiece until you can taste and see fragrant vapor mist

Changing the heat setting:

  • Hold top button down to view the heat setting on the LED front lights. Click the button again to change between 4 heat settings. 
  • We recommend setting 1 or 2.

More to know:

  • Pax senses if you are using it so the vaporizer will power down when it's idle. This extends battery life greatly.
  • Pax needs to be kept clean so be sure to avoid letting residue to build up inside. Pax comes with a cleaning kit that lets you clear out the entire vapor path between the oven and the mouthpiece. The screen is a solid piece of metal at the bottom of the bowl and needs some working with a sharp pick tool to be removed.
  • Pax comes with two types of mouthpiece, flat and raised. Choose your favorite one. Don't use the flat mouthpiece if you are not ready to use a sharp tool to take if off the vaporizer. Take extreme care using a pick tool to get the flat mouthpiece off the vaporizer.
  • We sell replacement Pax parts if you need to replace anything.


  • Stylish and easy to take around
  • Surprisingly fast heat-up
  • Incredible battery life
  • Small and stealthy - Carry it into events with less chance of trouble
  • Smart electronics yet uncomplicated to use


  • The inhaled air is hotter than it is with long vapor path vaporizers such as Vaporbrothers or SSV Sidekick
  • Must clean weekly! A clogged Pax does not work.
  • There is more resistance to airflow than Vaporbrothers or SSV Sidekick. It works better to draw lightly.
  • Pax service is through the manufacturer only and does not cover damage. Sorry we can't guarantee their responsiveness.
  • Must use proprietary charging cable - We have replacements if you lose it

More about PAX

The PAX is one of the most popular herb vaporizers available and now the PAX 3 works with concentrates (requires Concentrate Insert) as well as loose leaf. This portable vaporizer will become your new favorite companion on the go and at home.

Boosting twice the oven strength of the PAX 2, the PAX 3 can be customized with the PAX Vapor App. The app is not required for using the Pax.

Powerful Vapor

PAX 3 delivers a strong, pure vapor within 15 seconds, and subsequent heat-ups are nearly instant. The latest battery technology powers an oven 2x the strength of PAX 2.

Unprecedented Quality

High-performance from the inside out, PAX 3 features medical-grade materials and a built-in rechargeable battery, for a reliable experience time and again. Backed by a 10-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Dual Use

Switch from loose leaf to extract in just a few seconds with the optional concentrate insert (Sold separately). Achieve equally dense vapor, no matter your material preference.

Unrivaled Intelligence

Colored LED lights provide real-time communication and the device conveniently vibrates when ready for use. PAX 3 heats when you bring it to your lips and cools when you set it down.

Get the App

Personalize your PAX and download the latest device updates with the PAX Vapor App. Compatible with PAX 3 and PAX Era.

1 x PAX 3

1 x Charger
1 x Maintenance Kit
1 x Flat Mouthpiece
1 x Raised Mouthpiece
1 x Oven Screen
1 x Standard Oven Lid

10 Year Warranty handled directly through PAX.