How to Unlock a Vape Pen

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To unlock your vape pen: rapidly (we mean fast!) press the button until it flashes.

In this post we will examine how to lock and unlock a vape pen like the Vaporbrothers Dabbler vaporizer used in the video below.

One of the most common mistakes customers make when they contact us about their vape pen not working is they either forgot or were unaware that the vaporizer is locked.

Every vaporizer pen should be in the locked position when we ship it to the customer. The lock position helps to prevent the battery from turning on while in transit. This is also an important feature when carrying your pen in a purse or bag.

After receiving your vaporizer, test to see if the pen is locked or unlocked. You can do this by pressing the button once. If the button lights up while it is pressed, the pen is unlocked. If you press the button and there is no light, the pen is locked or needs a charge.

To unlock the vape pen rapidly (we mean fast!) press the button 6 or more times until the button flashes.

Disregard any set number of presses you may read in the instructions. If you do not have the timing or the rhythm down or skip a beat, this will alter the number of times you need to press the button. I just press the button until it flashes.

Once the button flashes, the pen should be in the unlocked position and the button should light when held down.

To lock the pen, simply follow the same instructions as unlocking the pen. Once the button flashes, the pen should be in locked position and the button will not light when pressed down.

So please don't panic when you first get your pen and the button doesn't light when pressed. Your vapor pen is working just fine, it's in the locked position.

These instructions apply to most vaporizer pens found on the market today, such as:

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