Stag Vapor Co. Review: the Longer, Stronger Hit

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Back in early 2013, a local brewer reached out to VaporWarehouse via our Instagram account to let us know about a new vape pen he was making. Not expecting much, I told him to stop by the warehouse to show us his pen and to bring some of the beer he was brewing (as that’s what I was really interested in). Turns out his beer was tasty and the pen was solid because 3 years after that encounter I’m writing about his product.

Legend has it that two of the founding members of Stag Vapor Co. were formerly employed by another larger name vaporizer pen manufacturer. After they parted ways, the pair decided to use their knowledge of manufacturing vape pens to start their own company. The final result being Stag Vapor Co. and a simple no frills pen that delivers.

Just prior to meeting the boys from Stag, Vaporbrothers had just released their first pen vaporizer, the Dabbler, which was a co-branded venture with Vape-Pen. Both pens were very similar in their build and we took on the Stag to offer our customers a lower priced pen, as the Stag was half the price of the Dabbler at the time.

It’s been over three years since we were introduced to the Stag Vapor Co. At a quick glance, it would appear that not much has changed since that introduction. However don’t let appearances fool you.

The Stag Vapor Co Skillet Heaters

When Stag released their original kit, the skillets were nichrome coils wrapped around a glass fiber wick. The glass fiber wick allowed the heater to be run dry and not burn up like cotton fiber wicks. About a year after Stag's first release, they introduced their "ceramiwick" skillet heaters. A hollow ceramic rod replaced the glass fiber wick. Their original kits now include one glass wick skillet and one ceramiwick skillet. The Stag Stealth Kits now include one ceramiwick skillet and one dual coil, quartz skillet.

There’s much debate about nichrome vs inconel vs titanium. My opinion, none of these skillet heaters last long enough to really even matter what the coil is made from. Nichrome has been a proven heater source for a long time now. Ever hear of a titanium toaster oven? I didn’t think so, those coils toasting your bread are made from good old fashioned nichrome.

The Stag Vapor Co. 45 Second Battery

The real improvement is found in the battery. Stag still uses a 650mAh EGO style battery with a passthrough mini-usb charging port built into the bottom. The passthrough features allows one to use the pen while charging it. This comes in mighty handy during those times you forget to charge up the pen and need to medicate. “So what’s the improvement?” I hear you saying.

Press the button and start counting: 1, 2, 3…. 20, 21, 22….30, 31,32…43, 44, 45. Whoa! The button stays lit for a full 45 seconds! And that is what sets the Stag apart from other similar vape pens.

Most vapor pens will stay lit for 10-18 seconds before disabling to prevent overheating. Stag Vapor Co. has modified the circuit board and skillets to prevent overheating and provide the strongest, longest hit possible from a pen. Granted not many people can hit a vape pen for 45 seconds but those of you with iron lungs, the Stag vape pen will be your new best friend.

The Stag Vapor Co. Deluxe Glass Globe Heater

In addition to Stag's vape pen kits, they also have a tea pot looking glass globe attachment to mimic the act of dabbing on a nail. The Stag Deluxe Globe Heater is made from borosilicate glass. It features an open top glass globe with a long glass stem mouthpiece to help cool the vapor.

The Stag Deluxe Globe has two ceramiwick mag nails (a globe nail encased in metal with a ceramic wick) and utilizes a universal 510 thread globe base. A stainless steel keychain style pick tool and silicone carb cap complete the set.

The Stag Vapor Co. Vape Pen Kit Lineup

Stag Vapor Co. offers four different variations of their 45 second vape pen: the original Skillet Kit, the original Globe Kit, a Stealth Skillet Kit, and a Stealth Globe Kit. Both the original kits include a black 650mAh battery, while both Stealth Kits include a 350mAh battery with a gunmetal finish. The mAh stands for milliampere-hour or the amount of time a battery will last between charges. Thus a 650mAh battery will last longer between charges than a 350mAh battery.

All Stag Vapor Co. batteries have a one year warranty against manufacturer defects. As with all other vape pen brands, skillet heaters that have been used or loaded are not covered by the warranty. Skillet heaters are consumable and will need frequent replacing. For best performance and flavor, VaporWarehouse recommends replacing the skillet once a month.

2014 High Times Buyers Guide Top 10 Pick for Best Standard Vape Pen

Jumping back in time, along with the Dabbler, the Stag Vapor Co. was featured in the 2014 High Times Buyers Guide. Unfairly the High Times listed the cons as: A bit heavy, chamber is too deep, hard to load; the way it loads makes the type of wax you can use limited, not versatile”. Which was a bit mind baffling as the Stag Vapor Pen heater was identical to the Dabbler that took the number one slot that same year. I’m guessing they didn’t have an experienced staff member test the Stag.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a rock solid vapor pen and you have the lung capacity to handle a 45 second hit, the Stag Vapor Co is the vape pen for your party.

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