Omicronians Unite: The Evolution of a Vape Pen

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Vape Pen History in the Making

Legend has it that in 2008, Utopia Plantia Technologies (formerly known as THC Scientific and Warp 9 Technologies) released what was arguably one of the first vape pens designed for wax and concentrates that didn’t require the use of glycerin. Their flagship vapor pen was christened as the Omicron setting the stage for numerous products to be with named after themes from the popular cartoon series Futurama.

For many years the Omicron vape pen, along with it’s powerhouse brother the Persei, reigned supreme as the elite portable vaporizers for extracts and concentrates. As technology improved the market became crowded with smaller, thinner vape pens. While not as versatile or powerful as the Omicron and the Persei, the lower price point and stealth of the compact pens appealed to more users. UP Tech answered the call of that market with various vape pens like the O-Phos, Omicron Lite, and Minicron vaporizers.

At the vapor forum, Fuck Combustion, the trackable history of the Omicron begins on Sept. 16th, 2011 with an introduction to the Omicron V2 by Gary Bay, founder of UP Tech. From the photos in his first post the Omicron V2 prototype is more akin to what would later become the Persei. When the Omicron V2 finally hit the market it was slimmer and gone was the passthrough charge feature.

Unlike the current model, the Omicron V2 was powered by a single, rechargeable 14650 IMR battery. The microprocessor was placed in the screw on head that also housed a 601 thread mod base for the various attachments that would soon follow.

The included 2.4 ohm extract cartridge could be filled with between 0.5 to 1.0 grams of thick oils or wax extracts making the Omicron a popular choice for people not wanting to constantly reload a cartridge. The flavor and performance these carts provided were unrivaled at the time they were released.

The drawbacks to the extract carts was the difficulty to fill, not quite being able to tell when the wax was finished, and leaking if not stored in the proper position. Experienced users overcame the drawbacks and still prefer these carts to the current skillet heaters.

But for the majority of vape pen users looking for an easier method, UP Tech created their own skillet heater called the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) cart in 2014. The K.I.S.S. Cart V1 was one of the first skillets on the market to use a ceramic rod in place of the traditional fiber wick and a titanium coil. But the K.I.S.S. carts sure looked a little silly sitting on top of the Omicron V2.5 and Persei.

A Vapor Legend is Reborn

Fast forward to 2016 and UP Tech has completely redesigned their classic vaporizer now known as the Omicron V4. The revamped Omicron V4 base is shorter, wider, and more robust than the previous versions. This new model will blend in discreetly with all the other mod e-liquid vaporizers commonly seen in public.

Available in three different styles: LD 900mAh, MD 1400mAh, and HD boasting 2100mAh, the Omicron has a much longer battery life between charges than the V2’s 600mAh when used with the 14650 IMR battery. The only drawback to the new base is that the battery is not replaceable like the former versions but don’t let that deter you from this powerful portable vape.

The new battery bases now house a micro usb port and the more popular 510 thread mod top. The change to 510 threads opens the doors for using many different attachments without the need for a thread adapter like past models, except of course if you want to use older UP Tech heaters. Gone are the K.I.S.S. and extract carts (although still available). Welcome the KISS Alpha Centauri Cartridge, a versatile cart that unlocks the full power of the sub-ohm Omicron V4.

Starlight, Star Bright

Alpha Centauri is not just the nearest star system to our solar system, it's also the latest style of KISS cartridge heaters. And like it's namesake, it shines bright.

At a quick glance the KISS Alpha Centauri Cartridge appears to beefed a globe style heater but don’t let appearances fool you. With the addition of a cooling section and matching Omicron finish, the KISS Alpha Centauri Cart that is included with the Omicron V4 differs from the one sold individually.

The KISS Alpha Centauri Cartridge features two tops: a solid stainless steel cover and a thick borosilicate glass cover. The bottom of the heater base has three cooling layers that allow for air flow between the heater and battery, helping to protect the sensitive electronics.

The KISS Alpha Centauri heater included with the Omicron V4 features dual titanium grade 2 coils and black ceramic cores. Other heaters for the Alpha Centauri include a single titanium grade 2 coil with black ceramic core, a dual titanium grade 2 coils with quartz rods, and the 1701 ceramic donut that is wick free and coil free.

The Omicron V4 base has 4 different power settings that can be changed with 3 clicks of the button: 10w (yellow), 13w (pink), 16w (green), and 19w (blue). The Omicron V4 can easily power e-juice tanks like the Kanger SUBTANK Mini that requires a sub-ohm battery.

Finally the finish on the Omicron V4 appears to more more like a dark charcoal than the jet black finish found on the V2 and V2.5s. The stainless steel body is also thicker and higher quality than the previous models, giving the Omicron V4 a nice, hefty feel.

From the power clouds of the dual coil heaters to the flavor first hits provided by the 1701 ceramic donut heater, the combination of the KISS Alpha Centauri cartridge with the sub-ohm Omicron produces top quality vapor not found from most vape pens on the market.

The Omicron V4 Vape Pen is available now at VaporWarehouse starting at $76.99 and has a one year limited warranty.

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