Vaporbrothers VB11 Vape Pen - Update!

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Vaporbrothers VB11 Vape Pen has been spruced up!

We love this pen. Yes, we may be a bit biased as we have been a sister company to Vaporbrothers since 2002. However, our customers have rated the VB11 vape pen 4.85 out of 5 stars. So apparently we aren’t the only ones loving this pen, and Vaporbrothers went and made it better!

What’s new with the pen?

Vaporbrothers added a charge-level indication light on the battery button. At high charge the button light on the battery glows white. A blue light indicates a medium battery charge, and start looking for your charger when the light turns red.

A flat button, EVOD-style battery is now included in the kit and uses a micro-USB charger, compared to the previous EGO style battery which used a mini-USB charger. The VB11 is a passthrough battery, which means unlike top charging batteries, you can use it while charging!

New colors are available! A beautiful ocean blue, a smoky fog, and a jet black soft touch finish now make up the VB11 pen line. The hole in the cone is still drilled into each pen providing flawless air flow control.

Please note, the Stainless/Chrome color previously available with the hard touch finish is no longer in production at this time. However, Vaporbrothers VB11 Skillets are still being produced with the Chrome finish. So, if you are a Stainless/Chrome battery owner, have no fear! You will still be able to enjoy the VB Skillets to match.

Watch this video to learn more…

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