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Super Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV)

The Super Silver Surfer combines the power of a balloon vape with the functionality of a whip vape making it one of the most versatile vaporizers available.
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Made by 7th Floor / Elev8
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  • Super SSV is everything, a Whip Vaporizer, Balloon Vaporizer, and Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Advanced Air-Intake Filtration System
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • LED Ambiance Lighting

Super Silver Surfer SSV Mutli-Function Vaporizer

7th Floor has redesigned their flagship Silver Surfer vaporizer with the revamped Super SSV vape. The Super Silver Surfer vape combines the power of a balloon style vaporizer with the versatility of a whip vaporizer making this a powerhouse that can even diffuse your favorite essential oils. As with most 7th Floor products, the Super SSV vaporizers can be customized in various ways and incorporated into your favorite vapor rig.

Super SSV - Two Vapes in One

Combining the best of both worlds the Super Silver Surfer gives you the freedom to use a balloon or whip for vapor delivery. The forced air fan features allows you to fill up balloon bags or for powered whip hits.

Unlike other balloon vapes that have a plastic mouthpiece the Super SSV mouthpiece is made from glass. The glass mouthpiece also doubles as an 18.8mm male ground glass joint. The mouthpiece can be placed into an 18.8mm female down stem of your favorite rig allowing for super smooth water filtration.

The Super SSV comes with a female spherical glass heater cover for whip use. You can use the whip in classic mode without the fan on or turn on the fan for power assisted whip hits. Like the classic Silver Surfer vape, the glass heater cover can be easily removed to clean or replace with a hands free or standard heater cover (each sold separately).

Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

The Super Silver Surfer vaporizer includes a glass aroma top that allows you to diffuse your favorite essential oils (i.e. lavender, orange, peppermint) or wax melts. A great way to keep the room smelling fragrant and the Super SSV warmed up. Includes one wax melt sample.

Essential Upgrades and Backups

For concentrates and extracts use the optional SSV Flavor Oil Kits.

Get Accessories here.

Enhance the heater's surface area and effectiveness with this quartz sheath around the heater.

Comes with the Spherical Whip. Get extra Spherical Whips here.

Get 20.8mm Screens for the Spherical Whip here.

Convert this vaporizer back to regular ground glass whip by getting the SSV Conical Heater Cover here, and a SSV Conical Whip

Make it hands-off by buying the Standard Wand Hands Free Attachment here.

Get extra hose here.

Advanced Ceramic Heater

This corundum heater is completely sealed and provides easy airflow. It heats up rapidly and is extremely reliable.

SSV heater

Advanced Air-Intake Filtration System

The Super SSV's advanced air-intake system features a replaceable screen that filters the air before it enters the vaporizer, eliminating many impurities found in the air like dust and dirt.

Precision Controls and Ambient Mood Lighting

The Super SSV features two hand blown glass knobs that allow you to control the temperature and the fan speed allowing you to customize your vapor experience and dial in the setting that is right for you.

The cool LED lights (blue, green, red) help enhance your mood and provide a visual ambience to your vapor session making the Super SSV look as cool as it hits.

1 - Super Surfer Vaporizer with Spherical Glass Heater Cover

1 - Padded Storage Bag

1 - 10’ Roll of Food Grade Balloon Bags

1 - Glass Aroma Essential Oil Top

1 - Replacement Screens

1 - Glass Wand with Bowl - Spherical - Clear

1 - Glass Vapor Bag Mouthpiece - 18.8mm female

1 - Glass Vapor Bag Bowl - 18.8mm female to Spherical

1 - Glass Vapor Bag Valve - 18.8mm male

1 - Glass Vapor Bag Seal

1 - Glass Whip Mouthpiece - Clear

1 - Glass Vapor Bag Sleeve

1 - Food Grade Vinyl Whip Tubing

1 - Stainless Steel Pick Tool

1 - Hands Free Attachment

1 - Ground Glass Seal & Connection Sick Clip

1 - Ceramic Flavor Discs

1 - Instruction Manual

Colors may vary from photos.

7th Floor provides a FREE 3 year warranty on all electrical parts, and a 30 day warranty for all glass on the SSV unit. To make a claim on the glass you must take a picture of the damaged piece and send it to: customercare@7thfloor.biz.