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Vaporbrothers Whip - Hands Free - Fumed

The hands free Fumed Vaporbrothers Whip is a great way to customize your Vaporbrothers vaporizer. Each whip is unique and handblown in the U.S.A.
Price: $63.99

Made by Vaporbrothers
Availability : Discontinued
This item has been discontinued
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Vapor Brothers Fumed Hands Free Whip®

Fumed Glass only comes in one color, a creamy, yellowish shade with slight accents of blue when held against a dark background.

Fumed replacement whip for the Hands Free Vapor Brothers Vaporizer.

The "fancy" whip line are handblown works of art created by talented artists using fine colored glass and special techniques. All come with a matching fancy mouthpiece.

For best performance use only Vaporbrothers .75" replacement screens.

Please note: If your current whip has a red "HOT" emblem on it and attaches to the heating element, your vaporizer is a Hands Free model. This whip is not meant for use with any non-Hands Free Vaporizer.

** Also note because of the unique nature of each of these whips color and shapes will vary from whip to whip and may not be identical to the whip shown in the image.

Please Note: Vaporbrothers Hands Free Whips are not compatible with the Easy Vape Digital, VaporWarez, VaporBox, VaporCannon, the VaporDoc Vaporizer, the Pure Vaporizer, Got Vape Aroma Classic Vaporizer, and the Vapor King Vaporizer.

Vaporbrothers Fumed Hands Free Whip

Never tap the glass handpiece end of the vapor whip to remove the used material from the whip. Always use a stir tool to remove the used material. Tapping the vapor whip may break the glass.

Cleaning Tip: Try cleaning your screen and whip without removing the screen. Fill a ZipLock baggie about 1/4 full of rubbing alcohol, and then pour in spoonful of salt. After removing your whip from the plastic tubing drop it in the bag. Shake the bag for a minute and then rinse under hot water. If needed repeat the process a time or two and you can keep using the same whip/screen for a very long time. For harder to clean whips, let the glass soak overnight in the rubbing alcohol/salt bath. For more cleaning tips try reading the comments on our Cleaning Your Vaporizer Whip Blog Post.

When you are ready for a fresh screen this YouTube video provides excellent instructions for changing the screen in the Vaporbrothers whip.

1 - Hands Free Fumed Handpiece
1 - .75” Stainless Steel Screen (installed)
1 - 3’ Clear Medical Grade Hose
1 - Fritted Glass Mouthpiece

Colors may vary from photos.

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Overall Customer Rating of 4.66 out of 5 in 4 Reviews

Great product


Pros: Great whip. Contains a good amount and heats evenly.

Cons: N/A

Awesome Whip


Pros: Great whip

Cons: Price



Pros: hate that mine broke these you cant go wrong with

Cons: nothing

Whip Upgrade

All in all a pretty good investment. It would make a nice addition and you can keep the one that comes with it as a backup.

Pros: This is a very thick piece that if needed could take a hard hit. It is also very unique looking. The fume of the whip tends to change and usually starts to look awesome.

Cons: The screens don't seem to fit as well. The notch seems a little off. Also it doesn't connect quite as well as the regular whip but it still works.