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Pax 2/3 Half Pack Oven Lid

The Half Pack Oven Lid for the PAX 2 allows you to load less material into the oven.
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Made by PAX
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A deeper oven lid for a half-filled oven load.

The deeper design of the PAX 2 Half Pack Oven Lid is the perfect solution for PAX users that want to use less material or for solo sessions. The PAX Half Pack Oven Lid allows you to pack less material into the heating chamber of a PAX 2 vaporizer while keeping the material packed tight for better hits. Made from the same material as the original PAX 2 oven lid.

Fits both the PAX 2 and PAX 3 portable vaporizers.

1 - PAX 2 Half Pack Oven Lid

Overall Customer Rating of 4.66 out of 5 in 2 Reviews

half pack oven lid

<p>This oven lid works like a charm really saves your herbs and your money. The only draw back from this item was that the metal magnet was lose on one side of the lid. As a result i lost one of the magnets and when closing the oven the lid would pratially be raised. However, losing the magnet did not effect the effectiveness of the product and i still use the same lid today.</p>

Love This Thing!

The pax works so much better with this half pack oven lid. You have to fill it more often but it's worth it IMO 'cause this thing makes it vape way better.