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McFinn's Organic Cotton Filter Material

Use a filter that has no synthetic particles, use McFinn’s Organic Cotton Filter with your favorite herbal vaporizer. You will enjoy a smoother hit free from impurities.
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Made by Scientific Inhalations
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McFinn's Organic Cotton Filter

Organic Cotton acts as a natural agent to filter out impurities and in doing so gives you a smoother inhalation. The use of Organic Cotton is very important as conventional cotton is treated with synthetically produced chemicals. In order to fully benefit from Scientific Inhalations’ breakthrough technology you should only use Organic Cotton to filter your loose leaf. Each container of Organic Cotton holds approximately 50 cotton balls. In tests McFinn's have found that close to 10 inhalations works well for the Standard Filter and close to 15 inhalations works well for the Ultra Filter before there is the need to change the cotton.

For use with McFinn's Original Standard & Ultra Filter Tube Kits only.

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