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McFinns Glass Carbon Filter Adapter - Standard water pipe adapter, water adapter, carbon adapter, adapter, mcfinns, mcfinns, sipipes, glass filter, filter
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Item #: 8402 -

McFinn's Original Filter Tubes – Standard McFinn's Original Standard Glass Carbon Filter Adapters are handmade and feature a glass 5-slot diffuser to keep the carbon in place and provide maximum flow. These carbon filter adapters are a great way to retrofit an existing piece, while filtering out carcinogens and toxins in the smoke for improved taste, smoother hits and cleaner glass.These filters come with a sample of approx. 10 grams of our premium 100% Virgin Coconut CarbonAvailable in;18.8mm...

McFinns Activated Virgin Coconut Carbon Filter filter, coconut, mcfinn
Price: $15.99
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Item #: 8404 -

McFinn's Activated Virgin Coconut Carbon Filter Activated Virgin Coconut Carbon is processed in a way that millions of microscopic air spaces are created; airspaces that help to capture the impurities and tars. Each container of Coconut Carbon holds approximately six (6) ounces of carbon that will refill a Standard filter about 25 times and an Ultra filter about 18 times. McFinn's Standard glass filter holds approximately 1/4 ounce of Coconut Carbon and McFinn's Ultra glass filter holds...

McFinns Organic Cotton Filter mcfinns, mcfinn’s, organic cotton filter, cotton filter, organic filter, ,organic cotton, mcfinns filter, mcfinns organic
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Price: $9.99
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Item #: 8403 -

McFinn's Organic Cotton Filter Organic Cotton acts as a natural agent to filter out impurities and in doing so gives you a smoother inhalation. The use of Organic Cotton is very important as conventional cotton is treated with synthetically produced chemicals. In order to fully benefit from Scientific Inhalations’ breakthrough technology you should only use Organic Cotton to filter your loose leaf. Each container of Organic Cotton holds approximately 50 cotton balls. In tests McFinn's have...