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Metal Load Tool

Sturdy, classic metal load tool for extracts used in vape pens, e-nails and vaporizers.
Price: $3.99

Made by Vaporbrothers
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Small metal scoop tool perfecting for loading vaporizer pens like the Vaporbrothers Dabbler by Vape-Pen.
1 - Glass Dabber Tool

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Overall Customer Rating of 4.66 out of 5 in 2 Reviews

Metal pick tool


I love it. I just ordered extras because I lost one. I have not really used the pick end. It is a little bit thick. The spoon could be slightly bigger, spoon like. After I lost mine, which came with a dabbler, I went to a number of stores and none of them had anything comparable, if they had any at all. Hard to find.


standard pick


this is a must for waxes and oils, get this over glass it might just last longer. tip hold an ice cube to the outside of your finger nail before scraping off residue to reduce stickiness