Understanding the Basics of a Vaporbrothers Vaporizer Whip

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I don't think a day goes by that we don't receive a phone call from a customer confused about their vaporizer whip. With that in mind I will attempt to clear up some of the confusion.

What is a Vaporizer Whip?

When using a box style vaporizer like the Vaporbrothers, there are two main components: the box that houses the heat element, and the whip. A vaporizer whip is the piece that you load your blend into, place against the heat element, and inhale the vapor through.

The original Vaporbrothers vaporizer whip (what we now call the "classic", basically any whip that is not an EZ Change Whip) and the Vaporbrothers EZ Change Whip consists of three main parts:
1) Handpiece or Wand - This is the part that houses the screen, holds the blend, and is placed to the heat element.
2) Hose or Tube - This is the part that connects the handpiece to the mouthpiece. Available in medical grade, clear plastic or white silicone.
3) Mouthpiece - The part that you hold to your mouth and inhale through. Available in clear & fancy glass, or ceramic.

The above photo shows the three main parts of the vaporizer whip. The vape whip displayed in this photo is the Hands Free EZ Change Vaporbrothers Whip that comes with the Hands Free Vaporbrothers Vaporizer.

Do you have a Hands Free or Standard Vaporizer?

When purchasing a replacement whip, you first need to figure out if you need Hands Free or Standard. Standard Whips are designed to be held to the heat element, they will not attach to the element. Hands Free Whips have a ground glass tip that allows the whip to create an airtight connection when used with a Hands Free Vaporizer. Depending on which glass blower produced the whip, either "HOT" or "CAUTION" is printed in red on the tip of the Hands Free Whips. If you have a Standard Vaporizer, you can only use standard whips. If you have a Hands Free Vaporizer, you can use either hands free or standard whips. Please see our very information page on the difference between Hands Free and Standard for a detailed breakdown between the two styles.

Vaporbrothers Vaporizer Whips are available in various styles: Classic, EZ Change, Clear Glass, Ceramic, Fancy Glass, or a combo of different styles. The photo above is an example of the various style Vaporbrothers Whips available. From left to right: the Clear Glass Classic Standard Whip, the Ceramic EZ Change Standard Whip, the Glass EZ Change Hands Free Whip, and the Knobby Hands Free Whip.

Clear Glass vs. Fancy Glass vs All Natural Mineral Whips

Originally all of the Vaporbrothers Whips were only available in either clear or fancy glass (colored, fritted, fumed, and knobby). The U.S. glass blowers Vaporbrothers employ use only the finest borosilicate glass to produce their vapor whips. In 2011, Vaporbrothers introduced the first all natural mineral EZ Change Whip. This ceramic whip is made from the material Vaporbrothers uses to produce their 100% pure ceramic heat element. While the white ceramic whips are more durable than their glass counterparts, some customers prefer the glass due to it's visibility. Ceramic Whips are only available in the EZ Change style, while the glass whips are available in both the EZ Change and Classic styles.

Classic Style or Easy Change Whips

Anyone that has ever gone through the process of changing a screen in the classic style vapor whips knows how difficult this can be. In 2009, Vaporbrothers revolutionized the easy screen change whips when they introduced their glass EZ Change Whip. Prior to the introduction of the Vaporbrothers EZ Change Whip, the knockoff easy change whips used metal and glue to hold the glass parts together. Vaporbrothers ditched both metal and glue, and created a connector made from medical grade silicone. This silicone connector, known as the Whip Grip, allows you to remove the Whip Tip by simply bending it off. No more screwing or twisting to get the tip off. A .625" screen rests on a lip inside the Whip Grip and is held in place by the Whip Tip. You can literally replace the screen in less than 10 seconds, thus the name EZ Change.

The other benefit that the EZ Change Whip provides is the use of either .625" stainless steel or .625" ceramic screens. The ceramic screens are made for those wanting to element metal from the air path. A couple downsides to the ceramic screens are the holes are larger than those on the stainless steel screens and allow small particles to get through the screen. Plus these holes tend to clog up with oil and are a bit harder to clean than their stainless steel counterparts. Vaporbrothers heat treat their stainless steel screens before releasing them to the public. There's really no safety issue with their screens as the heat needed to off gas would disintegrate your blend well before it released any toxins from the screen. As a word of caution, never use brass screens.

So which whip will you choose?

The ceramic EZ Change Whip or the clear glass Mini-Thin Whip or a limited edition hands free Artist Series Whip? I've spoke with customers that love the classic style whips and dislike the EZ Change, and viceversa. In the end only you can decide which style vaporizer whip is best for your needs. VaporWarehouse carries the full selection of Vaporbrothers Vaporizer Whips, including all replacement whip parts and accessories.

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