Silver Surfer and Da Buddha Vape Oil Kits Refreshed

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Have you ever wanted to use concentrates or extracts with your DBV or SSV vaporizers? Good news, 7th Floor Vapes recently refreshed the Essential Oil Kits for both the Da Buddha and their flagship vaporizer, the Silver Surfer. The new EOK 2.0 Kits are visually streamlined and performance enhanced allowing you to convert your DBV or SSV into a safe and easy to use e-nail.

The 7th Floor Vapes EOKs offer an easy solution for changing out the existing glass heater cover and replacing it with the EOK cover. The bulbous glass cover found on the original oil kits have been slimmed down. The new design allows for better distribution of the air flow's heat for improved performance.

The old marble cap gives way to a new two piece glass vapor cap. This cap is a combination cap and load tool that allows you to dab while you cover the heater. While I haven't broke mine yet, the glass load tool is thin and feels very fragile. I have to admit to liking the visual color aspect of the old marble cover but the new glass cover is much more effective for maintaining heat and improving air flow.

The new design also allows you to switch between using oil or dry leaf without the need to switch out the glass heater cover. The SSV model includes a glass cap when using the Essential Oil Kit with dry leaf. Don't forget to dial the heat down when using dry leaf to avoid combustion.

Another change for the SSV EOK is the ground glass joint has been replaced with the spherical tip for better control. A Hands Free Attachment is included with Silver Surfer Oil Kits.

Let's face it concentrates are messy, 7th Floor has included a pack of Tidy Tips cotton swabs to help keep your glass clean and shiny. VaporWarehouse recommends using 91% or high isopropyl alcohol (not included) in addition to the Tidy Tips.

The end result is a simple way to convert your Da Buddha or Silver Surfer vaporizer into an effective way to vape concentrates.

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