Why Grind Herbs Before Vaporizing?

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Grinders and vaporizers are like close cousins.  They are those cousins who are closest in age, they might have varying interests, but at the end of the day (or family reunion), they are rocking out together and having a great time.  Yeah, that's just like the grinder-vaporizer relationship.  For if you vaporize the dry herbs, grinding is key.  You're just going to have a better time.

Grinding herbs up before vaporizing creates more surface area for the heat to effect.  This results in more efficient use of your herbal stash, better vapor flavor, and makes cleaning out spent herbs much easier.

We have new Phoenician Grinders, serious engineering went into these bad boys.  Made in the USA, hermetically sealed, medical grade grinders.  This is the cousin who studies hard and is on the path for a full ride to ASU.  I would say MIT, but this grinder still needs to party.  

Our beloved Cosmic Grinders are tried and true.  Also made in the USA, they will take a licking and keep on ticking.  This is the cousin who, against the family wishes, walked away from a scholarship to SDSU and is now running their own very successful medical dispensary in So Cal.  Respect.

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