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Phoenician Grinder 4 Piece

Threadless, aircraft grade aluminum, replaceable screens, anodized colors, made in the USA. What more could you want?
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Made by Phoenician Engineering
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• Unique Threadless, Locking Notch System
• 6061 Aerospace Grade Aluminum
• Removable, Replaceable Screens
• Anodized Colors
• Made in the USA

Don't forget your Bumper Kit and Replaceable Screen Set!

Phoenician Grinder 2-Piece also available.

These medical grade aluminum grinders are manufactured in Phoenix, AZ by Phoenician Engineering. 

Phoenician Engineering employs a unique threadless system utilizing a locking notch that eliminates cross threading and gummed up parts. Providing smooth, simple, one twist operation.

The screens are replaceable and can be interchanged between fine or coarse mesh.

Each Phoenician Grinder is individually serial numbered. 

Additional silicone bumper kits are available that help prevent damage to the grinder and provide silent tapping while emptying the grinder.

Phoenician Grinder Dimensions

Small 4 Piece
Diameter: 1.855"
Height: 2.225"
Weight: 4.4 oz.

Medium 4 Piece
Diameter: 2.470"
Height: 2.225"
Weight: 6.8 oz.

Large 4 Piece
Diameter: 3.225"
Height: 2.225"
Weight: 9.0 oz.

Phoenician Grinder Lock-Notch system Operating Instructions