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Top Hat Customs Big Load Tool

Top Hat Customs Big Load fill tool makes loading vape pens a breeze as well as keeps the wax flowing into dab rigs & e-nails.
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Made by Top Hat Customs
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  • Loadable Fill Tool
  • Helps Protect Skillet Coils
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Stainless Steel
  • Great for use with the VB2

The Top Hat Customs Big Load tool makes loading a vapor pen a bit easier with less potential to damage the heater coils.

Top Hat Customs uses stainless steel instead of titanium for their Big Loads because stainless steel is a much less conductive metal. Titanium tools heat up much faster than stainless steel causing concentrates to stick to the tool as well as rise up the tool away from the heat.

The Top Hat rim prevents the concentrates from rising while being vapid and keeps them from spilling or sticking to surfaces.

The Big Load is a slow heating, self-cleaning, anti-drip, long lasting tool that will never oxidize from typical use.

Warning: Do not disassemble tool as damage will occur. Not covered under warranty if tool disassembled. 

To load essential oils, press tip into concentrate continuously until it is full. Press on top of pen to dispense. 

Maintenance: Expose inner rod by pressing and holding it out then flash heat via torch or lighter. Wipe clean with alcohol wipe. Or dip depressed tip in alcohol and press button repeatedly then wipe with cloth. 

Warning: Do not disassemble tool as damage will occur. Not covered under warranty if tool disassembled.

Overall Customer Rating of 4.66 out of 5 in 3 Reviews

Great to Have in the Toolbox


This is perfect for loading vape pens or gathering crumbly, waxy dabs. I recommend you let the concentrate melt and drop (rather than dabbing onto the heater cover) if using with the VB2 so your concentrate doesn't flee up inside the top hat, losing your dab and necessitating cleaning. I bought it to use with the VB2 and it works pretty well, but it would be more comfortable to use if it was slightly longer.

Top Hat Load Tool


Works great for loading Earl Wax into a handheld vape device.

Highly Recommended.

Game Changer


Loading a pen is SO FREAKING EASY with this. No more sticky all over my hands, no mess. Love it. Would make a great gift for the dabber in your life (if they don't already have one).