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Vaporbrothers Whip - EZ Change - Hands Free Aftermarket

Vaporbrothers produced this EZ Change Whip to fit most of the aftermarket vapes including Easy Vape, Deluxe Daddy, VaporWarez, Aroma Classic, VP series vaporizers.
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Made by Vaporbrothers
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• Makes changing screens a breeze
• Option to use ceramic or stainless steel screens
• Uses .625" screens

Please note: Grip color may vary from one in picture.

Please note: This Whip will NOT work with a Vaporbrothers Vaporizer.

Aftermarket 18.8mm Hands Free EZ Change Whip by Vaporbrothers

Designed and manufactured by Vaporbrothers for use with all of the aftermarket vaporizers found on the market today that use an 18.8mm heating element. Due to the size of the whip tip, this whip will not work with any Vaporbrothers vaporizer.

Unlike the EZ Change Whips that many of the knock-off vapes use, the Vaporbrothers EZ Change Whip does not use any glue or metal (unless you are using the heat treated stainless steel screen option). The borosilicate glass parts are held together by a medical grade silicone connector. You have the option to use either a .625" ceramic screen, or a .625" stainless steel screen, or a combination of both.

While the Hands Free Aftermarket EZ Change Whip by Vaporbrothers is not compatible with any Vaporbrothers Vaporizer, it is designed for use the following Hands Free Vaporizers:

Aroma Classic Vaporizer
Easy Vape Vaporizer
Deluxe Daddy Vaporizer
VaporWarez Vaporizer
VaporCannon Vaporizer
VaporBox Vaporizer
Vapor King Vaporizer
Vapor Prince (VP Series) Vaporizer
Lifestyle Digital Hands Free Vaporizer
Ultimate Vapor Machine Vaporizer
Viva La Vape Revolt Vaporizer

Please note: This Whip will NOT work with a Vaporbrothers Vaporizer.

1 - 18.8mm Glass Hands Free Whip Tip
1 - Glass Whip Handle
1 - Glass Mouthpiece
1 - Clear Hose (medical grade)
2 - 625." Ceramic Screen
3 - .625" Heat Treated Stainless Steel Screens
1 - Silicone Whip Grip (Color may differ from photo)

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