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Hands Free Vaporbrothers EZ Change Whip Glass Tip - 16mm Reviews
Review Summary (11 reviews): (Avg: 4.8)

Very Bad


Most Helpful Reviews
5/5 Vaporizer Review
Definitely the way to go!

Reviewed By R.H. FL

Pros: Excellent product and very easy to use! May be a little pricey, but I dropped the first one off the second story loft in my house onto the tile floor and it just bounced...

Cons: Just a tad expensive but you won't find it anywhere else cheaper.

5/5 Vaporizer Review
Great quality

Reviewed By J.L. TX

Pros: Works great

Cons: Don't bang it while its hot or you'll be ordering a replacement like I had to,but all my fault

5/5 Vaporizer Review
Hands free is the way to go

Reviewed By M.R. CA

Pros: Nothing better than the best vaporizer in the market hands free.

Cons: Fragile. Take the HOT sign seriously. It will get very hot.

4/5 Vaporizer Review
Fragile Glass

Reviewed By E.M. CA

Pros: Essential for the function of your ez whip

Cons: I have had two of these break on me while just putting them on the vaporizer. Seems like these weaken overtime

5/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By s.h. CA

Pros: Love it. So much easier to change screen. A lot better than holding.

Cons: Price. Wish it was cheaper.

Other Thoughts: Its good to have two in case one breaks. That happened to me and they had a long back order
5/5 Vaporizer Review
Love Parts

Reviewed By K. Myers Dahlonega, GA

Pros: I love being able to buy parts and keep extras on hand for emergencies!

Cons: Nothing bad to say!

5/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By A.K. Gulfport, FL

Pros: I am on my third one of these. I now keep a spare because so many people break these things. Still worth the extra dough for the convenience.

Cons: One came with cracks in it.

4/5 Vaporizer Review
Great Whip Tip

Reviewed By J.R. NY

Pros: Easy to use.

Cons: Difficult to clean.

5/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By G.C. Long Beach, CA

Pros: Love this thing. It's definitely durable! I've dropped it plenty of times and hasn't broken yet!

Cons: Nothing!

5/5 Vaporizer Review
ez whip

Reviewed By Austin E. Seattle, WA

Pros: This is an excellent purchase if you are a stickler for clean chemical free combustion cloud. Also the glass is very high quality.

Cons: One random note is the HOT warning on the whip holder, not that sleek but that changed when I ordered a replacement.

5/5 Vaporizer Review

Reviewed By C. Addington PA

Pros: so I'm very pleased to know they are selling individual parts of the ex change whip. my tip broke and I let vapor warehouse know and they went up for sale. I'm so very happy I highly recommend the exchange whip if you are using a hydrator

Cons: fragile when on the vapor brothers