Happiness is a Clean Vaporizer Pen

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Our customers inspire many of our blog topics. And today's piece will address some of the customer issues we've been seeing that can be avoided with a little tender, love, care and some elbow grease.

Now that you have your vaporizer pen, like Vaporbrothers Dabbler by Vape-Pen, take some time to learn how to care and maintain your vape. These vapor pens will not last a week if you let them get all gunked up and any damage may void the warranty coverage.

Keep those contacts clean!

Never let any residue get onto either the heater contact or the battery contact. This is the quickest way to damage the battery and/or the heater. If residue gets onto the contact, when you screw the heater to the battery and hit the power button, the residue may act like glue causing the contacts to fuse together.

Once the contacts are fused together and you try to unscrew the heater most likely you will rip the center contact out of the battery. This may damage the red wire that connects the contact to the battery. If that happens, your battery will be useless and the warranty coverage void.

Use extra care when using either a glass tube or globe style heater with the battery as these tend to be a bit messier than the skillet style heaters.

If you find your contacts have some residue on them, clean the contact ASAP. Use a q-tip and 90% or higher iso alcohol. Lightly swab a small amount of alcohol on the contact. Use care not to let any spill over the sides of the contact as this may damage vital parts of the battery or heater. Repeatedly swab the contact until the contact is clean and free of any residue.

Keep those threads clean!

Getting any residue on the threads of either the battery or heater can cause the two pieces to get stuck together, especially if you don't use your vaporizer pen for a period of time. If you find the heater is stuck on the battery, turn on the vape-pen and hold the button down for 10 seconds and release and press again for another 10 seconds. This should soften up the oil and allow you to get the heater off the battery base.

Once the heater is off the base clean the threads using the same method as we described in cleaning the contacts. Use a q-tip and 90% or higher iso alcohol. Lightly swab a small amount of alcohol on the threads. Use care not to let any spill down the threads as this may damage vital parts of the battery or heater. Repeatedly swab the threads until the threads are clean and free of any residue.

Keep those heaters cleans!

A couple months ago my cousin contacted me for a new heater for her Vapor Brothers Dabbler vaporizer. I asked her if she was keeping her heater clean and she admitted she was not. When she stopped by to pick up a couple new heaters, I told her how to clean the heater (using the method described below). When I saw her again at Thanksgiving, she told me she cleaned her original heater and it was still working fine. Prior to cleaning the heater, she said it was so gummed up that she couldn't even see the coils glowing. A perfect example (and true story) of why you should keep your pen vape heaters clean.

If you regularly maintain your heater, cleaning it will not be such a chore. If your heater is very gummed up, it's going to take some time and patience. 

Grab some of that 90% or higher iso alcohol (our local grocery store has 99%). If you have a spare lid, similar to the one found on the bottle of iso, pour a tiny amount of alcohol into the lid or small dish. Turn the heater upside down and repeatedly dunk the heater into the tiny pool of alcohol. The dunking method will help agitate the alcohol and pull the oil off the ceramic dish, coils, and wick.

Use care not to submerse the heater or allow the alcohol to rise above the ceramic dish level (when heater is upside down) to prevent the alcohol from damaging the vital parts of the heater.

If the heater is very dirty, after dunking you may have to lightly scrape some of the residue off the ceramic dish using a pick tool or even a paper clip. Use extreme caution to ensure you do not damage the coil and wick.

A Little TLC Goes a Long Way

Bear in mind that these type of vaporizers are not designed to last for years (the non-replaceable lithium battery will last at most two years). Following the above tips will help to ensure you get maximum use from your vaporizer pen and not void the warranty coverage. Show your vape pen a little love today and it might stick around a bit longer than expected.

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