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PAX Vaporizer Repair and Warranty Info

A common call we receive at VaporWarehouse is from customers that are having an issue with their PAX portable vaporizer or need warranty repair. While Vapor Warehouse is an authorized PAX vendor we do not handle warranty replacement or repairs. It is necessary to obtain that service directly though PAX Labs, Inc.

Before you contact PAX Labs for service on your vape here are warranty coverage details for their PAX 2 and 3 vaporizers.

PAX 2 and 3 Warranty Details

  • The PAX 2 & 3 comes with a ten year limited warranty period from date of original purchase.
  • PAX Labs only warrants PAX 2 & 3 against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. Use and maintain your PAX with care as intentional misuse, abuse, or neglect is not covered*.
  • The PAX must have been purchased from an authorized retailer serviced by an authorized PAX distributor. Purchase from third party retailers such as Ebay and Craigslist void the warranty.
  • The warranty only covers the original purchaser, meaning if you purchase your PAX used the warranty does not transfer.

*Frequent maintenance of your PAX vaporizer (or any other brand vape) is crucial for making sure your warranty stays valid. VaporWarehouse recommends using the PAX Cleaning Kit to help maintain your PAX vaporizer.

Purchase Your PAX from an Authorized Retailer Only

Did you know that if you purchase a PAX vaporizer from retailers such as Ebay or Craigslist that the warranty is void? And that’s assuming you even purchased an authentic PAX and not one of the many counterfeit models coming out of China.

Remember that old saying “you get what you pay for”? Well that is super true when it comes to the PAX. All authorized retailers cannot sell the PAX below a certain price. We cannot even allow discounts or coupon codes for the PAX. So if you find a store or website that is selling the PAX for less than VaporWarehouse, rest assured you’re either purchasing a counterfeit PAX or from an unauthorized retailer.

Contact PAX Labs Directly for Warranty Coverage

If you are experiencing issues with your PAX vaporizer visit the FAQ section on the PAX Labs site to help solve the issue. To avoid the risk of damaging your PAX and/or voiding your warranty, we strongly suggest that you do not attempt to repair or fix the vape yourself.

All warranty issues or concerns that arise must be handled directly with PAX Labs. Unfortunately PAX Labs does not have a published phone number. You must use the contact form on their website for any warranty issues with your PAX vaporizer.

For help with your warranty or issues please contact an experienced member of the PAX Pros team.

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