Shining Bright - The Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen

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The kind folks at Dr. Dabber have always had a great way of taking an existing product and making it even better. With their latest release, the Aurora vape pen, they have hit the proverbial ball well out of the park and landed somewhere in the northern hemisphere.

From Out of Nowhere

At first glance, the Dr Dabber Aurora appears to be your basic vapor pen but upon closer inspection this vaporizer has some very nice updated features.

The Aurora is only available in one color that appears to be an off black or space grey that Dr. Dabber describes as a "sleek, discreet satin finish". It is a really nice color and an even better finish than found on most vape pens that have a rubber coat that is prone to scratches and scraping off. Scratches and finger prints will not be an issue with the Aurora's tough finish.

Measuring in at just under 5 inches with the shotgun mouthpiece, making the Aurora a nice stealth vapor pen that can be easily concealed in the palm of your hand. The smaller length of this pen can be attributed to the 350 mAh battery and the lack of a usb passthrough charging port (meaning you cannot use this pen while charging it).

3 is a Magic Number

The Aurora has a 3 temperature variable voltage battery base indicated by the button light color: green low heat, blue medium heat, and pink high heat. The battery button is cleverly shaped in the Dr Dabber D design. While it looks slick, the top of the button is rather poky but you will certainly not have an issue finding the button in the dark.

The Aurora includes 3 different atomizers that used in conjunction of the variable voltage battery offers an array of temperature options.

The dual coil quartz heater is suitable for lower viscosity wax, while the dual coil ceramic core heater is suitable for higher viscosity wax. Both dual coil skillet heaters provide massive vapor clouds that may be a bit harsh for those with timid lungs (and be forewarned consumes your product faster).

The third atomizer is a coil free ceramic donut style heater called the "halo". The Halo skillet heater provides a much lower temperature hit with great flavor. The taste and low temp coupled with not having to worry about damaging a coil makes the Halo our personal favorite.

All three skillet heaters feature a deep chamber made from quartz. This differs from conventional atomizers that utilize a ceramic chamber. Quartz is stronger then ceramic and less prone to breakdown over time but given the short lifespan of skillets I'm not sure there is an advantage between the two.

Breathe in the Air

Vaporbrothers were the first company to introduce a hole in the cone for improved airflow. Dr. Dabber has renamed the cone with a hole as a "Vented Airflow Regulator". They did step up the vented airflow game by adding two additional holes in the atomizer base. This makes 3 holes that can be covered by your finger or left open for increased air circulation inside the cartridge.

You have the option of using either a duckbill mouthpiece or a shotgun mouthpiece. The duckbill constricts the airflow while the shotgun has a barrel style opening for maximum airflow. While they appear to be plastic, don't let looks fool you, these mouthpieces are both made from ceramic.

Colors from the Magnetoshpere

What sets the Aurora vaporizer parts from all other vape pens? How about, no more threads to strip or cones to twist off? Dr. Dabber has replaced the threads on the atomizer and battery with magnets, thus eliminating the need to twist on and twist off every time you want to load the heater, swap the skillet, or clean your pen.

After playing with the Aurora for the past week having to twist off a heater on other pens just seems so outdated and tedious. Although I have to admit I've tried to screw the cone off the atomizer of the Aurora several times when I first started toying with it.

The charger for the Aurora is also magnetic, making it a snap to connect the battery to the charging base. The charging base also includes a spot to place the atomizer cartridge while the battery is getting juice. The one big advantage of a top charger verses a passthrough charger is not having to worry about the usb port pushing up.

In the End, This is the Pen

Rounding out the Aurora vape pen kit is small silicone container with the Dr Dabber logo embossed on the lid, a fancy logo keychain, plus a sturdy little fill tool with the Dr Dabber logo on the tip.

The Dr. Dabber Aurora vaporizer unit is covered under a one year "No Questions Asked" warranty on the battery and USB charger only. As with all brands, atomizer warranty is void once used. Prior to loading for the first time, always test to make sure the skillet is heating. Dr. Dabber will not replace used heaters. All warranty coverage is handled directly through Dr Dabber, not VaporWarehouse.

I wouldn't hesitate to purchase the Aurora if I was in the market for a vapor pen. Dr Dabber took the best parts of the current hit pens and made some major improvements and added the innovative magnetic connectors.

The Dr. Dabber Aurora vape pen is available now at VaporWarehouse.

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