Can we replace batteries for Crafty and Mighty?

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We don't have any Crafty or Mighty in our workshop because the factory has been backordered for a year. Stortz and Bickel has been impossible to reach lately! Someone asked how to replace the battery so we took a look to see what's the deal. It's pretty clear.... the battery is not replaceable in either vaporizer.

Mighty: This youtuber shows how to take it apart (voiding the warranty for sure) and replace the 2 18650 batteries inside. 

Crafty: Contains 1 18650 battery. We say don't try changing the battery, but if you'd like to see inside the vaporizer, check out this video

Replacing the batteries in either of these models seems dangerous. Please beware that an improperly installed battery could explode, causing bodily harm. 

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