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Angus Enhanced Portable Ball Vaporizer

Yllvape Angus portable vaporizer

We're happy to add the Angus Enhanced to our list of trusted vaporizers. The Angus Enhanced provides tasty low temperature hits, while expertly utilizing it's halogen bulb+ruby ball heating system to create dense vapors at higher temperatures. The 5 setting temperature control provides versatility and consistency of hit. The Angus Enhanced kit features the Angus Enhanced along with useful accessories (listed below) that make your experience enjoyable. The Sidecar Bubbler attachment is a great way to enjoy higher temperature, dense vapor hits while on the go! Free shipping on Angus Enhanced for a limited time! Not compatible with other coupon codes.
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Made by YLL Vape
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The Angus Enhanced, the upgrade from YLL's Angus portable, is designed to elevate your vaporizing experience. With a powerful 100W halogen bulb as the heat source and embedded ruby balls for heat retention, The Angus Enhanced creates powerful, tasty vapors and is convenient to use!

This cutting-edge portable vaporizer is a stellar choice for connoisseurs who demand top-tier performance consistently. Its straightforward operation ensures a hassle-free experience, while the halogen heating system delivers pure, flavorful, and dense vapor with every use. This ease of use also makes it perfect for beginners as well; it makes for a great first portable vaporizer!

At Vaporwarehouse, we only stock items we have tested for ourselves and enjoy... We can say we love the Angus Enhanced. It's given us the biggest hits from any portable vaporizer we've ever tried! It's a great portable companion to our flagship ball vaporizer, the VB1.5!

The Angus Enhanced contains a user guide that you can access by clicking here: https://yllvape.com/wp-content...

In general, the Angus is easy to operate. Take advantage of the included funnel attachment to pack your product easily into the heating chamber. Replace the funnel attachment with a stem handle attachment. You can then pick what mouthpiece or attachment you wish to use. 5 steady pace clicks of the button turns the device on. 2 presses starts the device's heating cycle and lets you control temperatures from level 1-5. We suggest starting at level 1 and working your way up from there! The device will stay at that temperature until you change it, and will remain on while idle for 5 minutes before automatically turning off.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

  • Angus Enhanced Vaporizer
  • Angus Carrying Case
  • Bubbler Attatchment
  • 3 Different length of glass stems
  • 1 Loading Funnel Attachment
  • 1 Glass water pipe adapter
  • 5 Filter screens
  • 2 Silicone O Rings
  • User manual Card
  • USB C cable
  • Batteries shipped separately from vaporizer