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All Glass Valve System for Volcano and SSV Super Surfer

All-Glass version of the Volcano Valve, good for Volcano and SSV Super Surfer
Price: $89.99

Made by 7th Floor / Elev8
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So you have a standard Volcano Classic, Digital or the new Hybrid Storz and Bickel valve and have been wanting an upgrade? Well, here it is finally!! You'll love the glass feel to your lips, you love the ease of how the valve works. Crafted by Elev8 Premier and foreign artisans to a perfection never before in the vaporizer industry all at a very very affordable price.

Oh, and putting the bags on is so so simple compared to what you are used to with the Volcano Vaporizer Solid Valve. If you have the Volcano Easy Valves no more throwing away a perfectly good valve, you get to save the environment from the corporate beasts!


  • Full Volcano Vaporizer Glass Valve Kit Including
    • Volcano Super Valve Instructions
    • Box of Super Surfer Bags
    • 1 Elev8 glass valve inner
    • 1 Elev8 glass valve wand
    • 2 Elev8 silicone valves
    • 1 Elev8 glass mouthpiece
    • 1 Elev8 glass valve bag attachment seal
    • 1 Sick clip
    • 1 Elev8 glass bag end seal
    • 1 Elev8 Volcano Classic, Volcano Digital or Volcano Hybrid Adapter
    • 1 Container of coconut oil