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Davinci Ascent Vaporizer in black, wood, carbon and skull finishes

DaVinci Ascent (davinci-ascent)

5.00 stars out of 5, based on 2 reviews

• Portable Vaporizer for Leaf, Oils, Wax

• Digital Temperature Control System

• All Glass Air Path

• Sleek, Compact Design

• Replaceable Battery

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Best one on the market!


The name says it all! Ascent by Da Vinci it kind of rolls off the tongue.

It is amazing what this sleek little vaporizer is capable of. I've used a lot of portable vaporizers such as the Pinnalce by Vaporblunt (lasted just 1 year) warranty only a year. Not made to last, cheap shit. I love this product because you can tell it was built with quality just from the box it comes in. Let's get down to it.

Now the Ascent on the other hand is durable. Light weight and pocket friendly. The bowl is super friendly and easy to load. Simply slide the bowl open and pack. Here's the best feature of this unit, turn on the unit when you're ready and it does all the work for you. There is a super bright OLED light which shows you an icon when it's ready to vape! It couldn't be easier for the beginner or the novelist out there, looking for a great piece.

The pros: -built in the U.S.

-warranty is 2 years

-variety of colors to choose from

The Cons: $price tag, is expensive but I'm sure it'll pay for itself in no time with it's effiencey and durabilty.

I love this vaporizer and love the people who sold it to me. I really don't have any thing bad to say about it. It's a solid piece.

I hope my review will help people make a hard decision when it comes to choosing a portable vaporizer. Happy Vaping!

Thank you Rachael and A.J.

San Jose

Great! So useful! Medical use!


I have tried so many portable vapes, one even made by vapebros. They all broke or didn't do a even okay job. This product is amazing!!! Uses oil and dry herb. I use it all the time. Im an epileptic and need some herb with me all the time a discrete. This is perfect!!!

Reviews 1-2 of 2